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10 Best Practices from Netflix Video Content Marketing Strategy

Netflix Video

Netflix has more than seventy million subscribers worldwide. It offers its services in nearly 190 countries. The many reasons for the success of Netflix is to keep up with the demands of the audience. Netflix acquired exclusive original content and here is what we can learn from the success of Netflix video content marketing strategy.

1. Offer original and exclusive content to the audience.

2. Delivering high quality and unique content consistently to the audience and this also helped them to compete with other television giants such as HBO.

3. Personalization is the powerful way Netflix uses to get greater consumer engagement.

4. It sends personalized emails to the consumer, addressing them by name and based on previously watched shows, it sends the recommended top picks.

5. Netflix was a content curation company when it first started streaming videos and offering television shows and movies. Content curation is a great way to attract people and the valuable content is shared and this helped in brand building.

6. To stand out from the crowd it started creating its own original content.

7. While most streaming video companies release their episodes week by week, Netflix allows its audience to access the whole series and watch it at a pace that is convenient for them.

8. Netflix video content can be accessed and watched on every device, be it on smart television, games consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, laptops or blue ray players.

9. To retain the attention of the customers, it is necessary to create fresh, new content. Netflix keeps their video content site up to date by adding new content.

10. Marketing the content is most crucial in video content marketing. Netflix creates short videos to promote its content.

Netflix has something to teach to about video content marketing to other content marketers. The above mentioned are some of the best practices follows to be successful in video marketing.

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