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10 Ideas for Perfect Video Intro

Perfect Video Intro

What is the need to create video intros? Having a good video intro lets the audience know who you are and what they can expect from the video. Video intro is effective when people share the videos on other platforms. Here are some ideas on creating the perfect video intro.

1. A video intro should not be more that a couple of seconds. It could be just a single splash screen.

2. To make the video intro recognizable, add your unique brand colors to the intro either in the background or for the text.

3. Include brand name and tagline which helps in building recognition and increases brand exposure.

4. Having a video intro that lets people recognize helps the audience to associate with the brand and the YouTube videos.

5. Include the uploading schedule or highlight it in the intro to let the viewers know when to expect new videos. This helps in increasing viewership.

6. Keep the video intro clear and straight.

7. Keep the intro simple. Do not overuse special effects or things that will distract the audience and them end of clicking out.

8. Use a single snapshot like a powerful moment in the video as the video intro. Use voice-overs or captions to make the snapshot clear.

9. If the video is long, explain what is going to happen in the video.

10. One of the classic branded intros is the basic animated intro with music, logo and it goes black before video starts.

Video see higher consumption and engagement rates. Having a great video intro is more and more important. Intros set the tone for the video and the brand story. Some may feel that creating video intros is an unnecessary step but when done right, the extra effort can result in higher ROI.

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