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10 Super-Actionable Twitter Video Tips to Try Right Now

Twitter Video Tips

Twitter inc., a public company operating from the US started its journey in March 2006 and has since then been gaining popularity and today is considered to be one of the major platforms in the field of social media.

Twitter has spread its wings throughout the world and is presently having revenue of USD 2.21 Billion (2015) with active users numbering 310 million (March 2016). With employee strength of nearly 4000 people, the platform is having subsidiaries like Vine & Periscope.  The periscope was an acquisition by Twitter in March 2015 and this app allows live streaming of Video.

In view of the mass followers of this social media platform, it is important for the marketer to take an active part in promoting his content on this channel as well.Following are some of the tips that may be useful in this regard.

1. Use analytical tools to do the necessary groundwork and finding out the correct placement of tweets is the foremost important thing.  The marketer has to first decide the words and then plan the placement of the words and their sequence.

2. Customize your profile.As there is a limitation of 160 words, apt use of the same is required to give interesting and accurate profile about you the marketer.

3. Using of third party tools to be encouraged as the same will help you enjoy the Twitter experience.

4. Use Twitter Search Tool to improve your search capabilities on Twitter.

5. Create useful tweets that are informative and also encourage the follower to re-tweet.

6. Frequent tweeting ensures that your followers remain in constant touch with you on this social media.

7. Appropriate timing for tweeting is necessary.

8. Go Mobile: You may use the mobile phone and its capability to increase your followers.

9. Advertising about your availability of Twitter is required.This advertisement can be in many forms including that of other social media.

10. Quickly and apt manage your Twitter account.

By following the above techniques, you will be able to enjoy the twitter experience.

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