10 YouTube Platform Trends to Look Out For

YouTube is always at the talk of the web through the year with its new accomplishments and new features. YouTube marketers and advertisers must know about the updating trends and news about the YouTube to stay connected with the audience. Here are some top trends to look out on YouTube platform. Here we go.

YouTube Live TV

Live TV is the latest trending internet ailments today. YouTube platform is focusing on the same things and planning to launch the live Tv service called Unplugged. It is expected the launch in the year 2017. The new services offer different cable TV channels, and YouTube is working on major broadcast networks to offer its users with broad features. Have to wait for its decision in future.

YouTube Virtual Reality Live Streaming

YouTube is introducing the Live streaming with 360-degree videos as its services. At present YouTube is working with the other virtual reality companies to implement the same in the live video streaming on its platform online. The 360 degree live video streams also inserting the spatial audio which will be available soon on YouTube platform. So it is one of the best opportunities for the travellers to showcase their experience with VR video streaming. All users can access this feature on YouTube platform.

YouTube HDR Videos

YouTube had announced the High dynamic range video which allows the screens s by having the best hardware specifications that support the format. It delivers the accurate and the high range of whites and black with great quality. The HDR technology delivers the 4 K resolutions on the platform. YouTube is trying to approach the creators and the viewers towards the HDR video. So the platform is pushing its new feature on its platform with its main objective to develop it’s display technology.

YouTube New Ad Formats

The new YouTube Ad formats are now trending across the web. After the YouTube shoppable ads, the platform had launched the new ad formats on its platform for advertisers and creators to reach the people across the platform. The true view product shopping ads are showing more than a digital showroom experience as viewers can click on the i-Icon to shop especially for mobile devices.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube platform had acquired the FameBit which connects the creators and marketers at one place to sponsor the content. This acquisition also boosts the YouTube influencer marketing on the platform. The YouTube influencer marketing is the ongoing trend to look out for video marketers.

More YouTube Heroes Kind of Programs

YouTube Heroes program designed for the volunteer contributors of the global community. They can help in providing the best experience to the YouTube users. By this program, the users can flag the inappropriate videos on YouTube trusted flagger program. They can also add captions and subtitles to the videos and share their knowledge with the other users. Heroes also unlock the rewards that are exclusively offered by the platform.

Top Class Recommendation & Curation Algorithms

The top class recommendation for the algorithm curation is always an unsettled debate today. The relevancy in the search algorithm is the main agenda to provide the users with the content they want to access from the search results. YouTube had designed its algorithm with the same feature to deliver the right video to the audience search recommendations.

Location Based YouTube Videos

Location based marketing has become the great tool in marketing and now people can search the location-based videos on the YouTube platform. This location-based video each on YouTube platform helps the people to sort out the content basing on the location. The new YouTube tool allows the people to search basing on the search locations and the geo-codes text accordingly to the latitudes and longitudes.

More Social Media Features to build community

YouTube announced the beta version of the YouTube community for more social media features to its users in order build the best community on its platform. The creators are allowed to share the text posts, live video content, images and the GIF to the community feeds. The subscribers of the YouTube community can receive the notifications when creators post the new content in the feed. It is now available for limited YouTube creators, and additional features will be updated soon.

More YouTube Red Originals

YouTube had updated its YouTube red platform with the YouTube red originals. The YouTube red originals make available of the original video series to the users.

Check out all these latest trends of YouTube platform updates and stay connected with the web audience.

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