Verizon Go90 Video Streaming

20 Facts and Figures about Verizon Go90 Video Streaming

Verizon provides online streaming services, and Verizon Go90 is Verizon’s mobile streaming service. The postpaid Verizon customers can now view the Verizon go90 app on both iOS and Android mobiles. At first, Verizon provides free services to Verizon and non-Verizon customers. Facts about Verizon Go90 Video Streaming explained here.

  1. Verizon’s 90 is one of the mobile video streaming services that is available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  2. There is no subscription fee to use Verizon
  3. The app is mainly targeting the young people who are watching the video content on Mobile devices
  4. The GO90 is referring as to turn the device to watch it in 90 degrees
  5. It allows the users to share the video content and also provides access to the highest ranking videos
  6. The users can also listen to the live music
  7. The on demand content also can be freely access through Verizon Go90
  8. Many significant networks are included such as World sports, Discovery, Comedy Central and much more
  9. The app allows the users to follow the favourite shows and the celebrities
  10. The users can also cut and share the memorable moments with this app
  11. The users are also allowed to stream their content across the platform
  12. This app is a better alternative for the Television
  13. The service is presently available only for US residents
  14. Some part of the content on this app can only access by the wireless costumes of Verizon
  15. Verizon’s service was offering nearly 35 shows along with additional 8000 other titles
  16. The platform has sent nearly 5 million private invitations to its customers
  17. Verizon had promoted its app with promotional offers like ‘more everything plan’ and ‘The Verizon plan’.
  18. Go90 is integrating the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter to allow better sharing and connectivity
  19. The crowdsourcing feature on Verizon promotes the recommended shows direct with the Go90 community
  20. The users on Verizon can form crews with other users having common interests.

20 Unknown Features in Verizon’s Go90

Nowadays everybody moving to streaming media services instead of traditional cable TV televisions. There are some streaming media services available in the market. Verizon go90 is one of American streaming service launched in 2015.

Go90 is a mobile streaming app which plays Movies, Music, TV shows and so on. In-app store it was ranked as 80. Verizon go90 has some of the digital services and streaming media services.

  1. Verizon is a free mobile video streaming service which was updated with the branded content.
  2. Its services were targeted the teenage users as principal.
  3. To use the services, the users must download the go90 app and must create an account.
  4. The service is open to everyone that means even for the non-subscribers.
  5. The official release of services was expected to be in October 2015.
  6. The service was offering the additional content from the various studios like Dance on.
  7. It is also going to provide the short video content for its users.
  8. Verizon was partnered with the home entertainment companies to provide the best video content to its users.
  9. It is also providing the sports-related content to the audience.
  10. It is not yet declared that the providing of the sports content with premium or not.
  11. Go90 app is compatible with both the iOS and as well as the Android systems.
  12. The website is also stated that it was going to deliver the live music events along with the primetime content.
  13. Users can view the full-length shots along with the short highlights on Go90.
  14. The features are immersive with the on-demand and the live content.
  15. Verizon is also planned 200 hours content from the YouTube.
  16. The service will also contains the Fox and AMC content.
  17. The company has registered with the trademarks and rights for the video content provide services.
  18. It is also planning the content in different categories along with the content related to the scientific horror.
  19. It is also in planning of the live programming mix with the original content for audience.
  20. It has already announced the five different series, and the sixth round is yet to announce.


The Verizon company heads are dealing with Verizon go90 app by adding continuous changes and more user-friendly. Here we have listed the top 20 Facts and Figures about Verizon Go90 Video Streaming. Go 90 is a mobile streaming app from Verizon streaming services.The above article guide you 20 unknown Features about the Verizon Go90 mobile app.

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