Promote a Comedy YouTube Channel

30 Clever and Free Ways to Promote a Comedy YouTube Channel

One of the most popular categories of videos on YouTube is the comedy.  Most of the popular and successful YouTube channels are comedy channels. One of the biggest channels for a comedy channel, for that matter, for any YouTube channel is to increase the fan base.  Creating comedy content and posting in on YouTube channel help to expand the reach.

1. Create an ad for comedy YouTube channel.  The ad must be short and engaging.

2. While creating an ad, remember that have the choice to skin your ad in five seconds, so deliver your message in these five seconds.

3. Let the ad be as funny as possible so that the viewers can estimate what they can expect from the channel.

4. Do not neglect to add a call to action at the end of the ad.

5. A comedy YouTube channel can have parodies animations, pranks and much more.

6. Let the title of your comedy YouTube channel be simple and catchy.  People should be able to remember it easily.

7. Make sure that the title you are giving to your videos is already there on YouTube.

8. Ensure that the videos are looking professional. If needed take the help of someone to make the task easier.

9. Post the comedy videos as responses to other comedy videos and this can help increase the reach.

10. The more the subscribers, the more time they might share the video and more views are likely to come.

11. Request viewers to subscribe to your comedy channel.

12. Repeat the keywords in titles, description and caption for the videos in comedy channel.

13. Let the comedy videos be short and simple.

14. Encourage the audience to subscribe to your channel, at the end of each video.

15. Make subscribing easier for the people. Give a button that directly allows them to subscribe.

16. Also, include a call to action in the description of your videos.

17. Tell the people that if they subscribe, they will get notifications for all the new videos.

18. Social media is one of the best ways to promote comedy YouTube channel.

19. Use Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to spread the video links.

20. Comment on the comedy videos of others.

21. Be in regular touch with other YouTube users and social media sites.

22. Subscribe to other comedy YouTube channels.

23. Cross promotion of the videos is one of the best options to get audience exposure.

24. Ensure high quality for your videos.

25. Create a blog for your channel and post content embedding the video.

26. Share the videos with the audience through emails.

27. Find the top YouTubers in your niche.  List them and send your video to them though email.  Request them to share your video if they like it.

28. Encourage audience to post short videos with comments for your channel.

29. Give a name to your audience as this helps to connect with the audience.

30. Viewers have very short attention span on YouTube.  Let the comedy videos be short. Ensure they are not longer than six or seven minutes.

Those who have a passion for comedy and who want to make comedy their career can begin a YouTube channel.  Remember, comedy sells everywhere and YouTube is not an exception. There is no need to have long skits and lots of characters in the video.  Pranks also are very popular.  No of people accessing YouTube videos on mobiles is also increasing and do not neglect to make your videos mobile friendly.  Product funny videos and you can get millions of viewers and subscribers for your channel.

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