Promote a Travel YouTube Channel

30 Clever and Free Ways to Promote a Travel YouTube Channel

YouTube is the word and world in itself where many people can find the information required to fulfil their requirements. While the marketers can promote their products/services, the viewers are thrilled to receive information about the products they are looking.YouTube has been providing an opportunity to the marketers to own and promoted their channel.

YouTube has been able its incredible growth in terms of viewership.As such, any content promoted on this channel is bound to enjoy huge success.Some of the channels on YouTube include that of education, training, yoga, travel, etc.

Given below are some of the ways to promote Travel YouTube channel:

1) The best title containing the name “video’ attracts the viewers to the channel.

2) Apt thumbnail giving the best scenes in the video.

3) Best of the audio as audio contributes a large portion to the success of the video.

4) Best script including the characters dialogues etc.

5) Best background with attractive color schemes where the video shooting is going to take place.

6) Best location with appropriate lighting is required.

7) Tagging

8) Search engine optimization. Many users would like to visit the video based on SEO operations.

9) Liking your own video.

10) Creating playlists thereby the viewer is harnessed to your video one after the other.

11) Endorsement by celebrities in the travel field.

12) Posting on other videos

13) Collaborating with competitors.This would enable the viewers to find an opportunity to visit your channel.

14) Promotion on trade shows/exhibitions.Many tradeshows take place and participation in the same will give the viewers a big opportunity to learn about your channel.

15) Promotion through marketing tents.Marketing tents are available at very economical rates and you can hire them for the promotion of your YouTube travel channel.

16) Creating the ‘behind the scenes’ video.This will give the viewers details about the whole process and they will be more interested in watching your videos

17) Writing up thoughts on the projects through blogging.

18) Scheduling is another way to promote the channel. Appropriate scheduling (announcement and compliance) is required to ensure that the viewers have an opportunity to interact with you.

19) QA sessions will give the viewers an opportunity to interact with you and get all their doubts clarified about your channel.

20) Promotion across other social media platforms.In addition to YouTube, the same video and channel can also be promoted across other social media platforms.

21) Business cards generally give all the contact details about the business and incorporating the travel YouTube channel URL is another way to promote the channel.

22) Promotion by printing the travel YouTube channel URL on the car of the marketers. Wherever the car goes, the URL is getting required promotion.

23) Stationery like letterhead and brochures of the company etc. Prominent presentation of the URL on all the outgoing stationery will give the public an opportunity to visit the channel.

24) Organizing/attending workshops.There will be many businessmen (from the similar trade) attending the workshops and this can be utilized for promotion of your travel YouTube channel.

25) Signature in the outgoing emails to contain the URL of the travel YouTube channel. As the outgoing mail is incorporating automatic signature (including the video URL), this can promote the channel.

26) Branding will enable your visitors to learn exact what to expect from your channel.

27) Creating good logo.

28) Putting brand on all videos from the business.

29) Email marketing requesting the existing customers.

30) Curating the content (updating as and when required).

The above list is not exhaustive and the marketer can choose some or all and any other option to ensure the success of his YouTube Travel channel.

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