360 Degree And VR Videos 101 – A Guide to Virtual Reality Videos 2022

Do you want to dive into the new world of 360-degree virtual reality videos?

Have you ever had the excitement while watching a video where you are?

All these queries can have the full-stop by discussing the concept of 360-degree virtual reality videos what actually is.

What is 360 Degree Videos?

The video content which has been dispatched to have the virtual reality experience that gives the immersive involvement is termed as 360-degree video. The entry of 360-degree virtual reality videos in the platform of games the virtual reality headsets have become the most seeking equipment on the market. The 360-degree videos can be stored to watch anytime.

How to Make 360 Degree Videos?

It is not possible to shoot 360-degree videos with all cameras and there are some specific cameras that exactly give the virtual reality experience by capturing all directions. They are

  1. Ricoh Theta S
  2. IC Real Tech Allie
  3. Kodak SP 360
  4. Giroptic 360 degree camera

How to Edit 360 Degree Videos – Kolor

Kolor is one of the best video editing software, especially for 360-degree videos.

By using this manifold videos can be captured at a time. This can make the videos to be compatible with all intended devices.

This can be operated on both Mac and Windows operating system. It has the most advanced features to mold the videos as we required.

Without bothering about the location where we are can share the videos by using this software.

How to Upload 360 Degree Videos on YouTube?

The ‘metadata app’ can be installed on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

On windows extract the app zip file where as it can be opened on Mac straight away.

Then the ‘open video’ option will be visible to find the 360-degree video to upload.

After clicking the ‘inject’ save the video file.

For every file you give should save it immediately.

Now the new file can be uploaded to the YouTube. Where the sufficient metadata can be observed.

How to Upload 360 Degree Videos on Facebook?

The video file that has been captured using 360-degree cameras should have the 360 metadata.

Then we can straight away upload the video file to the Facebook as the regular video has been uploaded.


The time duration of the Facebook 360 degree videos is up to 10 minutes and the length of the should not exceed 1.75 GB.

360 Degree Videos Advertising Stats

While comparing the 360-degree videos with the traditional videos the 360-degree video has 41% more earned actions and 46% higher view count.

Only through mobile, it has 85% engagement and average industry engagement is 2.5%.

Advertising brands are getting more engagement with 360-degree videos to watch up to 16 seconds and the industry average is 5 to 10 seconds.

The 360-degree videos will have 8x recall of the video content.

28x recall of brand and 3x more intent of purchasing through 360-degree videos.

Future of VR Videos

This will be the trending one for the education purpose i.e. for the online training sessions and to train the army.

In the category of entertainment, it is the most seeking one to enjoy movies, sports and events etc.

The health requires it for the exposure therapy and surgery training etc.

The VR videos are most useful for the Real Estate to have the viewing of the inside house.

Guide to YouTube 360 Degree Video/Audio File Types

The new YouTube 360 degree videos are trending across the web and virtual reality videos are the next biggest thing in the online video streaming. With the arrival of new 360-degree video content, users are more curious to know about the growth of VR video content and the supporting formats of audio and video that are compatible with the YouTube platform as main. Here are the details of audio and video formats that are supported with the YouTube platform.

We all know that the 360-degree video is produced by the six lens eye camera, which covers the entire area. The videos that are recorded were synchronized with the time and sound and also allowed the users to watch the video from six different angles.

Video formats that supports 360 video on YouTube platform

In Most cases the 360-degree virtual reality video can be formatted with the MP4 and MKV formats which can be seen in YouTube 360 degree virtual reality videos. The users can also watch 4K 360 videos along with flash video formats such as WebM, MPEG, etc. The 360-degree short standard video generally maintains a file size of around 300 MB. The higher resolution videos normally cover a large space. The 4K video with 360 degree will need lot of time for buffering. To avoid buffering of the videos, it is better to save offline.

Audio formats that support 360 VR on YouTube platform

The audio effects that supports are spatial sound, ambisonic, 3D and binaural. The 360 degree spatial audio is came into being and the VR audio will get adjusted accordingly to the saturation level of the audio, intensity of sound, distance etc which ensure the audio sync with the video in the playback mechanism.

The uploading specification s for the YouTube platform when comes to the 360 degree Virtual reality video is MP4 container with audio codec of AAC-LC and video codec H.264. the file size must be less than one GB with ten minutes as maximum length at a frame rate of 25-60fps with 16:9 aspect ratio. It supports up to 8k resolution with a video bit rate of 16 to 68 mbps along with the audio bitrates of Mono stereo 5.1.

Therefore, these are the main specifications which are supported audio and video formats of the YouTube platform for 360 degree VR video support.

The Best 360 Degree Video Editing Software

To make the users feel comfortable with the use of video devices, the developers have created some excellent software in the video version. 360 Degree Video Editing Software software techniques can be used to edit the processing of the image, the surroundings of the recorded video entirely with the modern environment and to bring fantastic look with unexpected effects with graphic design for the video, which is even not recorded with highly featured cameras.


Kolor auto pano video software will provide the facility of capturing multiple videos on a single time. Used to edit the videos with updated features. It will make the 360-degree videos to be realistic for the user, and it can be used to adjust the colors of the image, and this is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. A feature of sharing a video from anywhere to anywhere.


This provides complete security for the users to upload personal media files without sharing information from the server to third parties. To create 360-degree videos with the multiple modifications these results best. Moreover, this is completely free of cost and easily installed.


Video stitching software to make 360-degree videos effectively. Video stitching changes the videos to 360-degree videos with automatic updates. If the user records the video on moving vehicles by shaking the device, then this can automatically correct those mistakes by giving stability. When the user wants to use this software they will provide complete security for the personal transactions.

Premiere Pro:

Premiere Pro is compatible with Mac and PC. It can be very useful to enhance the 360-degree video with updated features. This software completely changes the appearance of the normal video to astounding quality which makes the real experience of being in that video. To get the installation of this software they had provided some plans to buy with additional unknown features.


SkyStitch will convert the videos to real-time experience. To capture the huge space with different devices and to club them is not an easy thing, by keeping this in mind the SkyStich had been developed to do all at a time. It adequately gives the result. It can be a unique app for good-quality video.

IC Real Tech’s new Allie Pro:

By using this, all the video records can be made visualise, i.e., whole angles of the recorded video can view and get the real-time experience of being in that place we can use VR headsets. Impossible video records like paranormal activities can capture by using this. The live events and moments can make live forever.

Using Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

Video creators now can tell interesting stories with 360 degree or virtual reality videos. Watching a virtual reality of a 360-degree video will give immersive experience to the audience, and if it combines with Spatial Audio in 360, the experience will be more interesting. Spatial Audio in 360 is everything from depth, distance and intensity play equally important roles.

What is Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

3D sound is extremely important to get immersive 360 degree of VR experience. Audio recording for virtual reality or 360 degree video are different than the usual. Usually Ambisonic microphones are used to capture the sound for 360 degree videos from all the directors. To record sound for virtual reality videos, the microphones need to be small and should not be visible. Ambisonic microphones though are used one mic is not enough.

Spatial audio is the most familiar audio effect for 360 degree video and VR video.

YouTube Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Videos

YouTube spatial Audio in 360 degrees and VR video can be used to experience a real lifelike sound. The sound in all directions takes the video experience to higher levels, and the viewers can be engaged more to the video content.

Spatial audio on headphones or speakers can listen when the users are watching the 360 degree and VR videos on devices that are working on YouTube android app on Android 4.2 version or higher and on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers.

Create a 360 degree or VR video and use the metadata tool to insert Spatial Audio metadata. You can only use a single audio track but not spatial as well as the stereo track in the same file. Run the metadata tool and then upload the video to YouTube.

YouTube even created a playlist for 360-degree videos with a spatial audio list which can enjoy on the android device. YouTube also offers spatial audio technology for 360 degrees live streaming.

Facebook Spatial Audio in 360 Degree and VR Video

Popular social site Facebook launched spatial audio for its 360 degree and VR videos. The launching announcement made by Abesh Thakur, Oculus VR product manager and Varun Nair of a Facebook technical lead. The audio is launched for iOS and other Android applications.

According to the description given by Facebook, the spatial audio is like 3D sound for 360 degree or VR videos. It gives a feeling of the real-life sound heard by humans but can experience over headphones. As the 360-degree video moved, the sound also moves.

Those who want to create spatial audio for their Facebook 360 degree or VR videos can use the ambisonic microphone or use the 360 spatial workstation tools of Facebook to edit the video in the post-production stage. The future of audio for virtual reality or 360-degree video is likely to be very exciting.

How to Shoot at 360 Degree Video

360-degree video is a game-changing technology. It is being used for entertainment and also for many other purposes.

There are different types of 360 degrees VR which include life, real time etc.

The equipment needed to shoot 360-degree cameras includes cameras, rigs, editing software, etc.

What is 360 Degree Video?

Immersive video or 360-degree video is the technology in which the recording was done in every direction at the same time. Omnidirectional cameras or some cameras are used in this technology.

360 Degree Video is a form of virtual reality, and the viewer can change the viewing direction by dragging the video.

Cameras Used to Shoot 360 Degree Video

There are many cameras to shoot 360-degree video. Some of them are Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam IC Real Tech Allie, and so on.

The prices of these cameras depend on the features and specifications it offers. There are two different 360-degree cameras – single-lens and dual-lens cameras.

• 360fly 4K camera shoots footage with 2,880 x 2,880 pixel resolution.

There is a single 240-degree fisheye lens. No content stitching is required. 64 GB built-in memory, water resistance, built-in gyroscope are the other features.

• LG 360 Cam allows recording to 360 degrees content with 2K resolution.

There are 13-megapixel sensors. Other features include expandable memory, 200-degree lenses, and so on.

• Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K captures 360-degree video content with the 235-degree lens.

There is a dedicated mobile app, and stitching software is also offered. Two cameras can be combined to capture full spherical content.

How to Upload 360 Degree Video?

360-degree videos are the hottest trend. These videos are being uploaded both to Facebook and YouTube.

Let us now see how to upload them to these platforms and efficiently publish the videos.

Uploading 360-Degree Videos on Facebook

360-degree videos can be published on the Facebook timeline as well as in the pages. If the content is shot with the camera that automatically adds the 360 metadata to the video file, then it can be uploaded to Facebook just like any other video.

But if 360 metadata is not added to the file, the users manually have to do this. Choose the video to publish on Facebook.

Before publishing the 360 videos, click the advanced tab.

Check the box that says ‘this video recorded in a 360-degree format. Hit the 360 controls tab and set the field of view and initial camera orientation. Click the publish button.

Uploading 360 Videos on YouTube

To upload 360-degree videos on YouTube content needs to create a camera that is identified by YouTube.

The video should feature metadata. Make the video suitable to be uploaded to YouTube.

Download the video metadata app for windows or mac. Select the video file and choose a spherical checkbox. Give a name to the data and save it. Open the YouTube video upload page and drag and drop the video file.

Enter a description, tags, etc., and then click on publish. The 360-degree videos take around an hour to get posted on YouTube.

360-degree videos are exciting and new. These types of videos can be used to attract viewers.

This is an excellent way for brands and businesses to market their products. It proves that these types of videos are more likely to be watched by people for more extended periods and also showed to increase conversions.

360 Degree Video Editing Software is the best video editing software that makes the best quality of virtual reality videos with automatic editing options. 360 Degree Video Editing Software has occupied a branded mark in the video recordings.


As the entire video world is going to merge with the concept of 360-degree videos, the trending video platform YouTube is making advancements to feed the audiences with 360-degree virtual reality videos. All of the creators are stepping ahead to generate 360-degree virtual reality videos.

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