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49 Free ways to Drive Traffic to Your YouTube Channel

As already known, YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platform and the second biggest search engine after Google. Plenty of users visit YouTube daily searching for videos on their favorite topics. Here are few free ways that can be followed to drive traffic your channel.

1. The videos should be made viral. Post them to as many websites as possible.

2. Embed the video on the blogs and websites.

3. Share and submit the YouTube channel URL and the video URLs on social media websites.

4. Also share the videos on Fan pages on Facebook and encourage the users to share, comment and like the videos.

5. Take the help of professional to create videos if budget permits. Let your videos look professional

6. Ensure the good quality of audio. Use quality audio equipment.

7. Specify the type of channel and let the audience know what to expect from the channel.

8. Upload videos regularly. Follow a schedule.

9. Use Facebook native video uploader to post the YouTube videos on Facebook. Insert a call to action in Facebook video post and link it to your YouTube channel.

10. The title of the YouTube videos must not be more than 50 characters long.

11. Let you videos be not more than three minutes long. The more the video length, the more chances that people will stop watching them.

12. Choose the keywords for video descriptions carefully. Run Google search to use the keywords that help the video get better ranking in search.

13. Crete playlist for your videos in YouTube channel. Use relevant keywords for the playlists.

14. Use intro for the videos and use them to ask the audience to subscribe to your channel.

15. Use relevant keywords in title and description of the videos.

16. Get benefited from creating captivating channel trailer.

17. Let the trailer autoplay on your channel homepage when a non-subscriber visits it.

18. Use annotations for inserting call to action.

19. Create videos on rending topics.

20. Write relevant, long, detailed video description

21. To attract more viewers add YouTube widget to the blog or website.

22. Encourage viewers to like the videos to help know YouTube that the videos are popular. This helps to rank higher in search results.

23. Respond to negative as well as positive comments.

24. Work with other YouTubers to promote the content created by each other.

25. Create co-branded videos.

26. Identify the users who are most engaged with the YouTube channel content and ask them to share the videos.

27. Create behind the scene videos that are popular with the audience.

28. Use email subscriptions to promote the videos.

29. Concentrating on getting more subscriptions for the channel.

30. YouTube auto complete feature is a best tool to find popular keywords and us them in video titles.

31. Make sure that the YouTube channel is optimized and not just the videos.

32. YouTube video transcripts help search engines to find more relevant keywords and place the video higher in search results.

33. Let the description of the video be not less than 300 words and not more than 500 words.

34. Use tags properly.

35. Use the word ‘video’ in the title.

36. Keep the YouTube channel fresh by removing unsuccessful and outdated videos.

37. Create thumbnails for videos that are eye catching.

38. If possible, transcribe the videos in different languages to get more views.

39. Mention about your new videos in the blog posts.

40. Post your video response in the comments section of someone else’s popular videos.

41. Use subtitles and closed captioning.

42. Request owners of other channels in your niche to promote your channel.

43. Make sure your content is unique and valuable.

44. Use annotations to encourage viewers to watch other videos in our channel.

45. Comment on the videos of others.

46. Encourage the viewers to participate in quizzes.

47. Encourage the subscribers to leave their comments, views and feedback

48. Use Google trends to find the trending topics and create videos on these topics.

49. Include a way through which the subscribers or the followers can contact you. Add email ID.

YouTube gives great opportunity for people who want to make it big and earn money online. Video is a great way to engage the viewers.

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