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5 Best Action Cameras – GoPro Alternatives

Here are best GoPro alternatives that are most useful to record the amazing moments that has occurred when we have visited exciting and unforgettable places. GoPro is a small HD camera which meant for shooting skydiving, shootings in water. It’s easy to use and portable camera for Vloggers to carry with them.

The design of GoPro looks like a small cardboard box in which consists of a zooming Lens, flash operating button, LED light, LCD indicator in front of the camera.

One side SD card slot, microphone, speaker and battery slider, the connector for GoPro at the bottom. Another side HDTV output, USB Charger for GoPro and TV output locates.

It works like a real camera on the LED indicator it shows how photos you take in a sec with amazing HD clarity. Here we have some alternatives for this GoPro.

Contour ROAM3:

There is only one camera to surf, cycle, Dive and climb Contour ROAM3 is the best having all features. You can use this portable camera right now anywhere in the world and easy to use.

It looks dynamic barrel shaped, so you can hang it to the helmet. For holding this you can any type of Tripods, hang to the western belt for running because of the slide slots.

Another exciting feature auto on and auto pause option. It has other features like Waterproofing without a case, versatile and ready to get right now. When you switch on Instant on Recording it start shooting. You can use 8GB to 16GB memory cards.

Sony HDR AS50:

This product can access at 50 Mbps speed 1080p 60 XAVCS videos. Friendly user interface and smart operating system. It can operate with your smartphones using turn on and turn off buttons.

This is the perfect camera for live view shooting and action cameras. It can shoot stabilized video footage, stereo microphones and speakers. Since operating this camera we can access remote in mobiles, zooming, shooting on laptop with exciting Bluetooth connection.

It can capture 5k resolution bursts and videos. You can shoot action movies with the Sony HDR AS50.


Waterproofing digital camera with ultra wide angle Lens. Only one button for photos, videos, live streaming. It doesn’t have on/off button for operating with sensor touch can operate automatically.

This product has a features like 16 MP camera with zooming option, built in grip, Bluetooth, 146 wide angle range, 1080p HD recordings. You can extend the Memory size changing the SD cards and rechargeable battery.

It can access multiple devices with iOS and android Re apps. For shooting slow motion videos i can recommend this HTC Re camera .

Polaroid XS100 HD:

Lightweight professional camera with 4.8Oz and 170 degree ultra wide angle range coverage.

Its compact ,waterproof comes with all accessory packages. It has flip in / out switch, built in remote control camera to download and upload the videos for android and iOS devices.

It’s good for action movies and YouTube vloggers. Built in battery it gives a vibration alert when battery down to low. It can record 60 fps HD and can extend to 120 frames per second.

It has fisheye lens so you need to take care when shooting in the hills to avoid lens damage.This was made up with plastic material shock resistance.

Xiaoyi Yi Action Camera:

This was designed with excellent quality to shoot 4k videos. It has touchscreen on the back of the camera for the less price compared to the GoPro devices. It offers Recording modes 1080p, 720p and 120fps, 240fps frame rates.

This Xi Yi action camera has 64 GB storage, according to the site SD card can be extended to 128 had features like waterproof, rechargeable battery and 16 mega pixel camera.

This can set in any of GoPro accessories and wifi device can operate it through smartphone or touch screen like zooming, editable options.


These are most useful cameras that are provided under GoPro. With the help of these alternatives the video recording can done in an extraordinary way. To be a successful vlogger by uploading the quality video just go ahead to get GoPro.

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