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50 Amazing Facts and Figures about Google Cardboard VR Headsets

Google VR headset is a piece of cardboard with 45 mm focal length lenses, magnets, NFC chip and Velcro. This can be used as a VR headset by combining it with the accompanying app. The smartphone display is split into two images for each eye.

1. Google launched an initiate to encourage the development of VR in 2014.

2. Google cardboard was announced on 28th May 2015.

3. Google cardboard VR headset is a platform.

4. It is a do it you cardboard kit.

5. Smartphone acts as a display for Google cardboard.

6. Google Cardboard competes with the likes of Oculus Rift, Gear VR of Samsung and Sony PlayStation VR headset.

7. Google Cardboard is the entry level gateway to the VR.

8. More than five million Google Cardboard VR headsets were shipped till January 2016.

9. Google Cardboard VR headset can be purchased as an assembled kit or can be built by the buyer.

10. Google Cardboard is the low-cost VR headset available in the market.

11. It is cheaper because it is made of recycles paper.

12. The lens of Google Cardboard is of plastic.

13. The magnet used in the VR is made of neodymium material.

14. The price is not likely to be fluctuated because of this easily accessible material.

15. Google made sure that the Cardboard accessibility is great.

16. This simplest virtual reality headset is easy to set up and use.

17. Instructions are provided by the manufacturer to assemble the kit.

18. Google cardboard VR headset can be built by own by downloading instruction from Google Website.

19. VR application needs to be downloaded and scanning of QR code allows personalization of settings.

20. Android users can download Google cardboard app from Google Play.

21. iPhone users can download it from the iOS app store.

22. Different Varieties of Google cardboards are available to choose from.

23. Google Cardboard apps can be discovered from Cardboard app on Android and iOS.

24. A number of apps are available on Play Store also.

25. Landsberg V2 is the headset is priced very low among all the varieties of cardboards.

26. Landsberg V2 is priced %5.00 USD.

27. Landsberg V2 fits for screen sized 4 to 6 inches. It is made of cardboard.

28. Google Pocket VR with CandyShell grip is the most expensive VR headsets in the cardboard category.

29. Pocket VR with Candyshell Grip is available for %69.95.

30. It fits iPhone 6/6S and Samsung Galaxy S7.

31. This device is made of plastic and is available in black color.

32. 360-degree photos can be captured with Google cardboard with the smartphone camera.

33. Google proprietary photo app will stitch the photos to give 360-degree experience.

34. Live audio also will be recorded from the source from which you are capturing.

35. The photos shot can be shared with the friends.

36. More than ninety percent of the VR headsets sold are for mobile phones only. Google Cardboard outsells all other headsets.

37. In 2016 88.4 m Google Cardboard units were welcomed in the global VR market.

38. There are over one thousand cardboard apps available.

39. The apps have been downloaded 25 million times till now.

40. The apps were downloaded the most number of times during October and December in 2015.

41. More than 350,000 hours of YouTube was watched in cardboard mode.

42. Most of the people who purchased Google Cardboard VR headset use it to watch YouTube videos.

43. Google also revealed that more than 750,000 VR photos are captured with the cardboard device.

44. Google cardboard devices are made not only from cardboard but also from plastic.

45. Google cardboard apps are available in Google Play Store.

46. Google Cardboard app allows playing basic VR demos free of charge.

47. Cardboard settings also can be managed with apps.

48. Google Cardboard VR headset cannot be defeated by any other headset when it comes to price.

49. Google cardboard VR headsets are light in weight.

50. Cardboard VR headsets are available with straps and without the strap.

Most of the VR headsets such as Oculus Rift are very expensive. Several brands are using Google cardboards to give their customers provide VR experience to their audience. These are also being used for the promotion of media and movies.

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