50 Best Free YouTube Tools for Video Marketers

YouTube is the most extensive media site as well as the search engine.   There is more than this: millions of hours of content are streamed by YouTube every month and are the most sought after platform for marketers.   The success of any marketing campaign depends on how many people it reached. There are few YouTube Tools to help the video marketers to promote and market their videos.

50 Best Free YouTube Tools

YouTube Tool: YouTube Analytics

 YouTube analytics gives the view of the video analytics.  View count, traffic source, audience retention etc can be accessed using the tool.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture helps to upload the video faster.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Analytics Bulk 

YouTube Analytics Bulk suggests Tool helps in keyword research for the video.

YouTube Tool: BirdSong Analytics 

 BirdSong Analytics YouTube Analysis tool can be used to analyze the channels of the competitor.

YouTube Tool: Canvas

Canvas is a tool that helps creating a graphic design component to get people to click on the links.

YouTube Tool: Free End Cards Template

Free end cards template tools from ReelSEO or Full Screen can be tried to visualize call to actions and clickable areas to use the end cards.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Channel RSS feeds

Use the YouTube channel RSS feeds to distribute videos to various social media sites.

YouTube Tool: DrumUP

 The Tools named DrumUp helps schedule feed items to social media sites.

YouTube Tool: ViralContentBee

ViralContentBee RSS Feature is another tool that allows social media users to share the YouTube content.

YouTube Tool: CyfeTool

Marketers can use Cyfe tool to analyze the statistics of individual videos and also to monitor the channel progress.

YouTube Tool:  VidiQ

VidiQ is a chrome extension that can be used to feature the marketing video as related video in the searches or for being recommended.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Reputation

YouTube Reputation Tool allows searching for names and keywords and checks your reputation.

YouTube Tool: Tube Tool Box

 Tube Tool Box gathers info, automates, tasks, engages viewers and improves the overall success of the YouTube marketing videos.

YouTube Tool: Brandcast

 Brandcast can be used both for browser and mobiles. The user can promote their brands, share the content etc.

YouTube Tool: Video Gating

Video Gating is a tool that allows recording the answers to fan questions sent to the marketer. It helps to have the direct relationship with fans.

YouTube Tool: Tube SEO 

SEO is very important for video marketers Tube SEO Commando helps in increasing the subscriptions to the videos.

YouTube Tool: Tube Launch

Tube Launch helps people to get some extra money by promoting the marketing videos on other sites.

YouTube Tool: Tube Naire 

Tube Naire has all the tools for the marketers to promote their videos.

YouTube Tool: My Pyta

 My Pyta can be used to promote the YouTube videos.  This increases views and subscriptions.

YouTube Tool: AVS

AVS is another tool that can be used for affiliate marketing.

YouTube Tool: Tube Nitro 

Tube Nitro allows gathering the contact details of people who share, comment or respond to the videos.

YouTube Tool: Latte

Latte allows to create targeted YouTube ads to reach the potential customers.

YouTube Tool: Cappuccino

Cappuccino gives an extra boost to video marketing by combing content marketing and advertisements.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Enhance

YouTube enhance improves the lighting and color of video.

YouTube Tool: Views Reviews

Views Reviews researches by comparing companies based on varieties of criteria.

YouTube Tool: BuyViewserview

 BuyViewsreview is another tool to get reviews and to start buying views.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Suggest

 YouTube Suggest offers a list of autocomplete suggestions.

YouTube Tool: Google Suggest

 Google Suggest allows choosing Videos options and shows the results of trending video terms.

YouTube Tool: Google Trends

 For Google Trends, YouTube is an option and it can filter results by location and time frame.

YouTube Tool: Social Blade

Social Blade is the browser extension that allows spying on the YouTube tags of competitors.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Autocomplete 

 YouTube Autocomplete feature helps the marketers to find relevant keywords and built a list.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Trends 

YouTube Trends shows the topics that are trending and allows the marketers to use those topics for their ads or to use relevant keywords in their video titles.

YouTube Tool: BuzzBundle

BuzzBundle helps to engage more people faster.

YouTube Tool: SerpStar

SerpStat is another keyword research tool to get insights of what the competitors are doing.

YouTube Tool: Google Explore 

Google Explore shows the relevant trends, user generated content and helps understand the keywords related to the base term.

YouTube Tool: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is chrome extension that helps in managing YouTube channel and also helps in promotion.

YouTube Tool: Keywordtool

Keywordtool is another free tool for YouTube and gives keyword suggestions for free.

YouTube Tool: Seotoolstation

 Seotoolstation is a YouTube video keyword ranker that can be used for free.  It helps the marketers to rank their keywords on YouTube.

YouTube Tool: Wideo

 Wideo is an online video platform tool using which the marketers can create videos not longer than 45 seconds for free.

YouTube Tool: Slidely

Slidely allows creating video slideshows with video or music clips and these can be shared to YouTube.

YouTube Tool: Powtoon

 Powtoon is another tool that a allows creation of professional videos to promote the products or services. There is a free version and the video can be posted to YouTube.

YouTube Tool: WeVideo

WeVideo is another video service tool using which engaging videos can be created to promote the business.  The videos then can be shared on YouTube, free plan is available.

YouTube Tool: Stuperflix

Another tool using which YouTube marketing videos can be created is Stupeflix.  Creating the videos takes only a couple of minutes.

YouTube Tool: YouTube Editor

YouTube Editor is a free tool that gives nice editing capabilities for the marketing videos.

YouTube Tool: Fan Finder

 Fan Finder is a tool using which the marketer can create videos telling the viewers about themselves.

YouTube Tool: Cross Promotion

 YouTube cross promotion tools are helpful to those who manage multiple channels.  Cross promotion is an important element for the marketing campaign.

YouTube Tool: Shareyt 

 Shareyt allows promoting YouTube marketing videos.

YouTube Tool: Linkcollider

Linkcollider works as a search engine optimizer and is free to use.

YouTube Tool: Add-Me Fast

 Add-Me Fast can be used to promote the YouTube videos. This is also free to use.

YouTube Tool: Follow Like

Follow like is another tool that can be used to promote the YouTube marketing videos and increase the views, comments, and likes for the video.


There are many other free tools to help promote the YouTube marketing videos. These tools help enhance the videos, get more views, likes and comments etc.

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