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50 Brilliant Ways to Use Video in your Ecommerce Content Marketing

Making an e-commerce site a success is very difficult in these days as there is stiff competition from other e-commerce sites. Ecommerce Content Marketing helps to increase traffic and for more effective results, a video should be included in the content marketing strategy.

1. Take the audience behind the scenes with videos. This helps build up loyal fan base.

2. Let the viewers see the making of your products.

3. Testimonials are valuable content for any e-commerce site. This influences the purchase decisions of the prospective customers.

4. Request the loyal supporters to share their positive experience on video about the product they used.

5. Introduce your e-commerce site to the viewers with About Us video.

6. See that the intro videos are not lengthy and are not more than three minutes long.

7. Create product overview videos and as the visual format appeals to the customers and gives better idea of the products.

8. Unboxing videos are the most successful video types for any brand and this is true for the e-commerce content marketing also.

9. Create own videos that give voice to the brand.

10. Own video creation and using it for e-commerce content marketing helps to promote the brand and vision.

11. Research YouTube for the video about the product you sell, curate them and use them for your content marketing.

12. Use videos for the best selling products on your e-commerce site.

13. Add the video to the product page.

14. Make spotting the videos easy for the viewers.

15. You can use multiple videos such as user-generated videos, customer testimonials, unboxing videos on the product page.

16. Ensure that the videos are displaying well on the mobiles also.

17. When using video in e-commerce content marketing, first define goals of the video.

18. Videos for e-commerce content marketing needs to be created in multiple formats.

19. On YouTube the videos can be a bit longer.

20. For social media sites such as Facebook, the videos should not be more than thirty seconds.

21. Most e-commerce marketing videos are seen on social media without sound, so add appealing captions or text.

22. Use the marketing videos created for email marketing also.

23. Send welcome emails to new prospective customers with product description videos or how to videos.

24. These types of videos can be attached to re-engagement mails also.

25. When a customer makes a purchase, send a recommendation email by attaching a related video.

26. Send personalized videos to the customers for personal bonding.

27. A video can be reused for many purposes and using it on the blog is another option.

28. It is proved that nearly sixty percent of the customers learn from visuals and e-commerce sites cannot ignore this.

29. Video needs to be used alongside written content in the blogs.

30. Try convincing the customers that using the product will improve their life.

31. Target the people on social media network with your videos by creating specific videos.

32. E-Commerce videos can be published on Facebook and choose the automatic playing option.

33. Twitter videos can be used for e-commerce content marketing to make quick impression.

34. Twitter videos needs to be really short.

35. Videos posted on Twitter will drive audience to the landing page.

36. Also ensure that the Twitter video is playing automatically to the followers.

37. YouTube is best place for posting long videos.

38. E-commerce sites can make educative videos for YouTube to inspire the customers.

39. Provide them with simple tips related to the product.

40. Use videos on the blog so that the customers can experience the product better and recommend it to others.

41. Winning customers is easy when using social proof.

42. Create videos for content marketing using personalization and segmentation so that interested people will get what they want.

43. Measure the success of content marketing along with video and make changes if required.

44. Finally let us see the different types of videos for content marketing.  Create product videos for homes pages.

45. How to videos give the full features of the product and also how to use it.

46. Incorporate related videos also to find more about you and your products.

47. Comparison videos are effective to highlight pros of your product.

48. Another essential tool for e-commerce sites is the product review videos.

49. Interactive videos help to engage the viewers.

50. Choose the right kind of video for placing at right place.

Content marketing for eCommerce needs no big budgets and a community can build around the products that are sold on the site. Running blog is best way to reach customers and to rank higher on search engines.

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