Promote Your Kids YouTube Channel

50 Different Ways to Promote Your Kids YouTube Channel

There are many ways to promote YouTube channel and on that kid’s channel is somewhat different to promote huge traffic. YouTube is a Social Media Platform is the most used platform across the online for watching digital video content. As we know, it is the second-largest search engine on the Internet which contains millions of videos around 300 to 500 + hours of video uploaded per min. And millions of people watch that video content online 24×7.

Kids are utilizing the Youtube Social platform for their learning and educational daily needs. Kid’s content on YouTube provides colorful and rhythmic cartoons, finger family rhymes which are very impressive across the platform.

Below are 50 Different Ways to Promote Your Kids YouTube Channel who are looking to promote their kids’ channels.

    • Research on different Kids Channels that are going successfully on YouTube Platform
    • Create Perfect Strategy
    • Kids love attractive video designs with clear and best audio, so keep it attractive
    • Design your channel with kids postures and attractive cartoons and make it as a kids world
    • Make your videos special and unique
    • Be Creative
    • Be Outrageous
    • Add number of videos on your channel without compromising on quality
    • Post videos regularly to stay connected with the audience(Kids)
    • Cross promote the content on different social networks to gain good exposure
    • Start using tools that are available on Youtube directly
    • Encourage the audience to subscribe your video content with attractive call to actions
    • Start promoting to your friends and relatives and other known people
    • Embed your video content in your kid’s blogs
    • Kids blog is very essential which can increase the connectivity between your channel and blog
    • Share the video links through mails
    • Discuss every video in your kid’s blog
    • Try different public relation techniques to reach more audience
    • Go with you mix of content, once your channel started a slow flow of audience
    • Unboxing is the biggest trend which can attract millions
    • Children love toys and will be more interesting to know about toys and their play
    • Don’t copy the other rhymes, toys video content which may decrease your channel exposure
    • Make your video content get indexed on the major search engines
    • Go with search engine optimization for your blog as well as for your videos
    • Target the main audience
    • Go with great tutorials for kids which can help them to learn the things easily
    • There are some heavy loads of kids content that are trending online. In order to step out from the crowd, your video must beat the rest of them in quality, uniqueness, and clarity.
    • Utilize Google Adwords for initial traction of the YouTube Channel
    • Go with upcoming kids video trailers and teasers to create buzz
    • Keep your title within 50 characters or less than that
    • Use best keywords to achieve better ranking
    • Interact with the people on your blog and take suggestions to improve
    • Go with efficient video optimization to increase the exposure
    • Unbox different videos with good explanation and also offer some freebies to attract the kids
    • Go with live quiz and offer them best gifts
    • Interact with the audience below the Youtube in comments
    • Go positively during interaction
    • Try good kids stories with animation
    • Try live kids shows
    • Also, try above kindergarten subjects in a different way
    • The kids educational videos have great demand, so go for it
    • Choose a right influencer to promote your kids videos

    Check out one of the examples Kids Nursery Rhymes for children on YouTube

    • If you are going to market a kid’s products then include your marketing products in your videos for better promotion
    • Don’t go too seriously as it is a kids channel, add some humor and caress.
    • Don’t forget to add call to actions
    • Research and go with new subjects time to time
    • Promote your content on Twitter
    • Promote your videos with paid Influencer Youtube Advertising at initial stage
    • If you are marketing kids products then go with Youtube Shoppable videos and explore the things in your way
    • Don’t step back in quality and uniqueness


    Start implementing above “50 Different Ways to Promote Your Kids YouTube Channel” and increase your Channel Views and Subscribers.

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