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50 Ecommerce Video Marketing Strategies that You Need to Implement

It is not exaggerating to say that video literally took over the internet. It is estimated that in the coming years, more than eighty percent of the internet traffic will be videos. eCommerce sites are using video marketing to get effective results. Define the goals of the strategy, the scope of it and think of how to plan the video marketing strategy to reach the goals.

1. Check the marketing videos of others in your industry. This helps in coming up with the ideas.

2. Find what you like in the videos of your competitors.

3. Also, check the reaction of viewers on popular videos of others in your niche.

4. To get an idea of how to create marketing videos, watch the videos already available on the net.

5. Check the videos that went viral and guess what helped them to go viral. This helps in understanding what the viewers like and want from the video content.

6. If you don’t get new ideas for creating videos, then try the tried and trusted styles of videos.

7. Create videos that tell about the history of the company.

8. Explain the goals of the company interestingly.

9. Introduce your products in the marketing videos.

10. Take a popular product in your eCommerce site and create a video that explains how to use it.

11. Introduce the persons that are involved with your company. Create video interviews with them.

12. Plan and execute the marketing videos well.

13. Define the goal for the marketing videos. Think what you want to achieve from these videos.

14. Having an objective will help in choosing the type of video and the way it is promoted.

15. Define the audience for your video.

16. Keep them in mind and create something that they would like to watch.

17. Set the tone of the video carefully.

18. Try to make videos that are unique and new so that your video stands out from the crowd.

19. Do not list out the bad things in the products of your competitors but glorify the benefits the customers can get with your products.

20. Take the feedback from your family and friends on the marketing videos first.

21. Try finding ideas that will make an impact on people. Be silly, be wild, do anything that engages the viewers.

22. Get familiar with the products that you sell on your eCommerce site and only then try to promote them.

23. Keep the ideas organized by having an outline for the video.

24. Discuss with your colleagues and others involved in the company. This helps in getting better ideas.

25. If budget permits, hire a professional to create the video.

26. If the budget does not permit you can start with the webcam or the handheld video camera.

27. If the marketing campaign requires you to post more than one video, it is not a bad idea to invest in a high quality video camera.

28. Focus on audio also and not just on video. If the audio is not clear, viewers will not watch the video.

29. Investing in a good quality mic is a better idea than investing in better video camera first.

30. Ensure that the sound of the video is crisp and clear.

31. Decide who is going to play the roles in the video. It could be you, your friends or professional actors.

32. Choose the location carefully for filming the location. Choose the place where there are no distractions.

33. Filming can be done even in the office or in the nearby park.

34. Be honest in the video, if the audience feels that you are not honest, they may not watch the video.

35. Use music that will become signature music for your brand videos. people will remember you whenever they listen to it.

36. Editing the video makes it crisp and appealing.

37. Check the length of the video. It should suit the shorts attention spans of the internet audience.

38. The maximum duration of videos should be three minutes.

39. The very objective of video marketing for eCommerce is to promote the brand. include the logo of the brand at the beginning of the end of your marketing video.

40. Include a powerful call to action.

41. Direct the audience to take some action such as subscribing, visiting the e-commerce site etc.

42. eCommerce marketing videos can be hosted on the own eCommerce site of on other videos sharing sites such as YouTube.

43. Promote the videos on social networking sites.

44. Embed your eCommerce site link in the video description.

45. Write a catchy title and relevant keywords for the video.

46. Choose an appealing thumbnail.

47. The goal of video marketing is to drive traffic to the eCommerce site.

48. Provide engaging content to the audience.

49. Keep the landing pages and website responsive.

50. Post new videos regularly.

Video marketing can be made more effective by keeping the audience engaged. Interact with the viewers. Respond to their comments and questions. These are the tips and strategies that should be followed to make the video marketing campaign a success.

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