Social Media for Videos

50 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Videos

What is the most effective marketing tool? Social Media to Promote Videos is uploading and sharing videos. The strategy for building audience engagement must include video content. How to make the videos more viral using your social media?

1. Create better titles for your videos to promote in social media.

2. Do not stop by posting the video only ones in the social media. Post it multiple times and use different titles each time.

3. A/B test which title is more effective.

4. Cut your video on post up to 15 second video on Instagram just alike a teaser to your original video along with the link.

5. Add a call to action such as view the video on this link etc.

6. A small part of the original video can be used to post on Facebook as an ad to promote your videos.

7. The small teaser like video can be embed within email newsletter and sent to the people.

8. Email marketing is very effective and traditional tool and takes full advantage of this to promote your video. Create animated gif of the video sections and attach it to email newsletters.

9. Images attract the audience more. Take the stills from your video and post them on social network sites such as Facebook along with the link.

10. Take the content with which you created the video and create a SlideShare

11. Create content that viewers can connect with.

12. The goal of any online video is to reach maximum viewers and so make the video communicative.

13. Cross channel promotion strategy helps to promote the video.

14. Uploading videos directly on Facebook proved to get more organic reach on it.

15. Channel trailers are excellent to promote your videos on YouTube channel. These can be used as a source of promoting tool.

16. Instagram and Vine brings more viewers to your video.

17. Use Instagram also to get more views.

18. Open a Facebook page to promote your videos.

19. Give unique content for them which are a reason for them to follow your videos.

20. Post your video links on social video sites whenever possible, even in your bio and portfolio.

21. Create a playlist of videos and post it in the bio this is a great way to hook the viewers.

22. Using trending hashtags relating to your video content with extend the reach.

23. Make your videos shareable.

24. Promote teasers and short videos to create excitement.

25. Respond to comments and likes on your video quickly.

26. Try starting a conversation to engage the audience.

27. Perfect thumbnail is necessary to promote videos on social media platforms.

28. Use clear text in your thumbnails to describe about you.

29. Embed a log on corners of your videos.

30. Do not share the same content in all the social media accounts.

31. Behind the scenes videos are successful on Instagram.

32. Host successful contests on social media channels on your videos.

33. Never underestimate the analytics of the social platforms where you are active.

34. Get involved with another company in your niche to promote your videos across social media.

35. Don’t just concentrate on making good videos. Post the videos frequently to engage the fan base.

36. Social media sites can be used to divert traffic to your video.

37. Use tools like Facebook sponsored promotion to promote videos audience based on demographics.

38. Share your 60 second long videos on Instagram.

39. Connect your other social media profiles to your Facebook page.

40. To increase following across platforms, add tags to social media profiles.

41. Share the content of others.

42. Do not try promoting yourself or your brand in the video as people do not want to see the ads. Offer valuable content.

43. If you want your video to be successful, make high quality videos and make it findable.

44. Post your video on YouTube or Facebook or other social media site and spread the word about it on other social media sites.

45. Write a post about your new video and post it on social media sites.

46. Use annotations in your videos to link to your other popular videos.

47. It is important to build relationships to get effective on social media.

48. Email news letters are another way to promote videos.

49. When posting your video on Twitter, use Hashtags to get re-tweets.

50. Try posting your video on LinkedIn to communicate with people of your niche.

Videos are essential to make people engaged on social sites. Video promotion on social media helps to get few more views and few more click through. Manage the tricky social media to make a difference.

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