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50 Essential Qualities of a Video Marketer

Video marketing is not new but already proved that it is capable of engaging the audience more than any other mode of advertising. Irrespective of the size of the brand, almost all brands that have online presence are using video marketing for brand awareness and increase sales. Put to good use, the video content can provide you with great benefits. The best video marketer will choose the type of video that tells the people about their brand. Below are other qualities that a video marketer must have.

1. Video marketers should be curious to know what people like and dislike.

2. They should ask questions and what the reaction of the people to different scenario.

3. A good video marketer should be a good sales person also.

4. Understanding the video marketing is important just to understanding the video production.

5. The successful channels on YouTube should have at least fifty percent more videos than unsuccessful channels.

6. A good marketer should publish content on regular schedule to make the brand best performing.

7. More than sixty videos are published per month by top brands. Marketers should note this.

8. They should remember to that top brands produce video content in hundreds per month to keep the audience engaged.

9. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and getting discovered on YouTube is the key to success.

10. Video marketers must remember that SEO of YouTube is different from traditional SEO.

11. Google lists the webpages that are embedded with YouTube videos in higher rankings.

12. A video marketer must know to optimize the videos and channels.

13. It can be observed that the most popular and performing videos of global brands are those who are best optimized.

14. Maintaining playlists is another best practice to make the channel and the videos get more views.

15. Video marketer must remember to produce video content of broader range.

16. It is not necessary that video should be of prime quality.

17. The content of the video must be high quality so that it performs just as effective.

18. Successful video marketers, especially on YouTube integrate the online marketing with traditional offline marketing strategies.

19. Video marketers should not hesitate to produce videos for targeted audience though these are only limited in numbers.

20. Regularly uploading video content results in growth of the channel and increase in subscribers.

21. Video marketers must consistently brand the videos with the content as well as in the tags, descriptions and titles of the video.

22. Marketers should learn to observe the behavior of the people

23. They should remember that appropriate level of branding in video content is essential.

24. Do not however go for over-branding.

25. Adding more videos is important than adding more channels to the YouTube channel because it is observed that most brands do not update the content in every channel for more days.

26. Video marketers must remember to focus on specific target audience.

27. Global brand video marketers must remember to engage their audience with social media.

28. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are important source for traffic.

29. Social networks help the audience share the videos if the content is good.

30. The brands that had their videos shared highly are seen to have large number of subscribers.

31. Video marketers must know in which segment the viewer sentiment is more.

32. Define the goals of the video advertising to measure the success.

33. Video marketers must remember that in the sales funnel, different videos perform differently.

34. Some videos help in gaining viewer engagement and the example for this is the explainer videos.

35. For viewers who are further through the sales funnel, product demo videos help to get more information.

36. Video marketers should remember that mapping videos to buyer journey is crucial.

37. Video marketers must have the landing pages with video to get more conversions.

38. They should remember that the shorter the video, the higher the audience attention.

39. Keep the videos shorter especially at the top of funnel.

40. Video marketers do not measure the success of the video based on view count alone.

41. More advanced metrics should be used to check the performance of the video to twice more ROI.

42. Video marketers must choose the best automation platform to integrate their video.

43. The videos that show how the product or service works are captivating than the reviews of the products. So choose the type of video that captivates the audience.

44. A good marketer must set the goal which is realistic.

45. Find the topics for the videos that resonate with the leads.

46. A marketer knows what type of headline is intriguing and resonates with the problems of the audience.

47. Optimize the marketing the videos for maximize reach. Square videos work best for Facebook and Instagram and portrait videos for YouTube and official websites. Vertical videos or suitable to be viewed on mobiles.

48. A video marketer knows that short videos with background music are better for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

49. To get maximum reach, he posts the videos on websites, social media channels etc.

50. Have an email marketing strategy and include links to your videos in the emails.


Video marketers should be knowledgeable and accessible people. They should be accountable and should not be afraid to try new things. They should be involved with the communities. They love challenges.

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