50 Hacks How to Grow a Successful Business using Social Video

As we all are aware digital video consumption is rising and while this is entertaining the users, the brands are facing challenges as they have to create more effective videos to be unique in the overcrowded social feeds. The video we use in the social media has to be appealing and had to deliver the message in few seconds. Let us see some hacks that help to grow the business using social video.

1. Though there seems to be a debate going on the optimal length of the online videos, tell a story in your video.

2. Create videos to entertain and provide information to the audience.

3. Be clear in delivering your message through social media.

4. Do not try saying too much in a single video.

5. Most videos are consumed on mobiles and these users want the content to be short and sharp.

6. High dropout rate needs to be avoided by making the social videos crispy and short.

7. To increase social traffic post the short version of your video in social sites and links it back to full version of the website.

8. Videos on social sites such as Facebook play silently and so add subtitles and appealing text.

9. Use attractive images and tell the story with text.

10. To check the effects of the social videos, run videos with sound and without sound and compare the performance.

11. Upload your business videos in social sites to catch the attention of followers through feeds.

12. Target your video ad campaigns by age, location and gender for more engagement.

13. Set objectives for your campaign.

14. Use hashtags for your video ads by latching on to trending topics.

15. Live social broadcasting is trending and so uses this technology to flatter the consumers.

16. Audience and brands can make direct conversation during the live video and this helps in making the business a success.

17. Connect with the influencers to reach the right people at the right time and get the attention.

18. Post on social platform regularly.

19. Try selling the products on social sites.

20. Use enticing images to increase brand awareness.

21. Try making your social site page as digital storefronts for the consumers.

22. Facebook ad platform is the best place to showcase the product.

23. Facebook ads are affordable and help reach more customers.

24. Try shuttling your website traffic and social media traffic.

25. Use platforms like to monitor the comments on social sites.

26. To be successful business using social media, you need to stay relevant.

27. Use high-quality visuals.

28. Make use of trending news and create videos to excite people.

29. Reddit is a great way to share and promote the content.

30. Social videos posted on Reddit drive traffic to the site.

31. The content that produces dialogue with audiences helps drive business.

32. Use Feedly or Flipboard to distribute content that is relevant to your business.

33. Keep your profile on social media updated.

34. Though consistently showing up is a strategy for social video, do not flood the timelines with videos.

35. Use tools such as Buffer to post the updates on the determined schedule.

36. Provide all the information about your business in the social media profile.

37. Avoid posting the same content on all the channels.

38. Use the Facebook Call button to allow mobile users to contact your business directly.

39. Leverage the life events of your followers and target with relevant ads.

40. Partner with bloggers and influencers to who can influence people to promote your social video.

41. Show the faces behind your brand to the consumers through live streaming.

42. Ensure that the streaming is being accessed on all devices for more success.

43. Use Facebook and Twitter paid ads.

44. Provide deals and promotions to your social media followers.

45. Make some customers special and inspire their loyalty.

46. Sharing and tweeting your social media helps to widen the audience.

47. Try interacting with the content of the competitors without any fear.

48. Respond to the comments and likes of your social video followers.

49. Use automation tools to schedule posts.

50. Use your social media in email marketing also.

Social video is becoming significant for business marketing. make this your most effective tool. Try following the above and maximize the effectiveness of social video.

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