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50 Killer Ways to Generate Leads with Social Video

Businesses with online presence depend on lead generation to make their marketing strategy a success. Lead generation also affects revenue. While tradition lead generation activities are expensive, social video lead generation is simple and effective. Social video is proving to increase the lead generation by an impressive percent. Here are few ways in which social video can be used for lead generation.

1. First thing is never chasing the social media channels but picks the best channel to post your videos.

2. Find where your target audience is and try building the brand presence.

3. Do not always push your products or services buy try engaging the audience.

4. Responding to the likes, comments and shares of the followers helps in the long run.

5. Apart from your videos, try giving the followers special offers, discounts and giveaways exclusively on the social media.

6. The Facebook live video is a great opportunity to answer the questions of the followers.

7. Share a valuable tips or strategy which will be helpful for them in the video.

8. To get maximum exposure through social video, incorporate paid ad campaign.

9. Videos can be used on various social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

10. Optimize social videos for different channels.

11. The approach to video on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook should be different.

12. Ensure that the social videos are shareable.

13. Use live social videos as a tool of conversion between the business and the viewer.

14. Add a video on your Facebook page with a form.

15. Try collecting leads in the video itself.

16. The goals of every video are different. Some video focuses on educating the people, some to entertain and some to generate leads.

17. Make use of multiple social media channels.

18. Develop a video marketing strategy separately for individual channels.

19. Determine the target audience.

20. Be consistent in creation and marketing of video content.

21. Prove expertise using the video.

22. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to generate tools. Create a Facebook page.

23. Ensure that the brand is searchable on Facebook.

24. Facebook official page to post your videos is a great place to connect with potential customers.

25. Showcase your brand personality through the video to your audience.

26. Respond to with personalized communication to encourage interactions.

27. Facebook Lead Ads can be used to direct people to your Facebook page.

28. Post the video that directs the prospective customers to the landing page.

29. Share the landing page video link on your social sites.

30. Add a verbal CTA to the video that you post on Facebook. Call to Action can be to register, download or visiting the website.

31. Pin post the videos on your Facebook page so that they show up at the top of the profile.

32. Appeal to the emotions of the target audience and build a connection.

33. Show off your expertise and show people that you know the stuff, your followers will start recommending to their friends.

34. Make videos with the stories of the previous buyers.

35. Video case studies are one of the best ways to generate leads. People trust the brand when they get the proof.

36. Webinars are great tools for lead generation. Live videos also engage the audience and interacting with them can help in lead generation.

37. Webinars create awareness, introduces you to the audience.

38. Create a video course that helps the audience solve their problems.

39. Post and promote these videos in social media.

40. Offer free and valuable giveaway to those who sign up with their email ID.

41. Add a video to the landing page and share the link to social media sites.

42. Including a call to action at the end of the landing page videos compels the audience to take the next step which might be signing up.

43. When posting videos on social media keep them short and authentic.

44. Do not focus on selling your product or service. Instead, try to entertain the audience.

45. Share behind the scene videos.

46. Product videos are mostly viewed videos and if you are not using them for lead generation you are missing a great opportunity.

47. To generate leads, add things like survey questions or polls into the video.

48. Create a teaser clip and post it on the social media sites

49. Then direct the audience to the landing page or website where they can watch the full video after providing their data.

50. Share video content of others who adds value. This helps in increasing engagement.

Social videos are different from viral videos. Social videos may not get many views but still, they can be successful. People are spending less time in front of televisions and more time accessing video on their mobile devices. Social videos can build brand awareness also. So leverage this powerful marketing tool for the benefit of your business.

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