Tricks to Get More Leads

50 Little Known Tricks to Get More Leads Using B2B Video Marketing

Video marketing is very effective in improving lead generation either for B2C or for B2B. Most businesses with online presence have identified the importance of video marketing and how important it is to influence purchase decisions. High-quality leads are needed to improve the conversion rates. More tips can be generated if we use the video to its full potential. Here are some tricks to enhance lead generation using video marketing.


1. Define your target audience; this is the first thing to do to create compelling videos.

2. Understand the audience and know what they want to watch.

3. Understanding the audience helps to create targeted videos to deliver compelling messages.

4. Webinars help in generating high-quality leads.

5. Another successful video content is educational content created to entertain the audience.

6. Lead generation is only possible when the audience watches the video until the end; the video needs to be shorter.

7. Let the length of your video be between 3 and 3.5 minutes.

8. However, understand the video’s goal and decide on the video’s length.

9. Create videos that offer value to the visitors.

10. Generating leads is possible with email marketing. Embed your videos in emails to increase click-through rates.

11. Ensure that the content of your videos is engaging.

12. Create only high-quality videos as the search engines rank the high-quality videos higher.

13. Include an appropriate call to action at the end of the video.

14. If required, update the call to action.

15. Request the audience to share, like, or follow you.

16. The call to action should be prominent.

17. Direct your audience to your landing page, the website, or other place, depending on your goal.

18. Use explainer videos to provide information about your products and services.

19. To increase brand awareness, use the educational videos.

20. Address the specific problems for which the audience wants a solution to engage them effectively.

21. Create testimonial videos to show people how using your product or service solves their problems.

22. Testimonial videos also help to win the trust of the audience.

23. Use case study videos for customers close to the bottom of the sales funnel.

24. Use promotional videos to engage the audience and also for conversions.

25. It is proved that the pop-ups that provide a yes or no option increase conversions.

26. Make your videos compatible with different devices, such as mobiles.

27. A/B test the video strategy and find what works for your brand.

28. Use the direct method of generating video leads and exchange your video for the prospect’s information.

29. Create an excellent script for the video.

30. Use YouTube annotations to prompt viewers to take some action.

31. Add videos to your landing page.

32. Give priority to engaging with the leads directly.

33. Use live chats, forums, etc., to talk to your lead directly and to engage them.

34. Find leads on Twitter.

35. Comment on the videos and blogs of others.

36. Giveaways such as ebooks are a great way to grab the audience’s attention.

37. B2B businesses must optimize their videos with proper keywords to expand their reach.

38. Promote your videos effectively on social media sites to generate leads.

39. Measure the success of your video marketing by looking at the metrics.

40. Use forms to collect the information of the audience.

41. Encourage social sharing of your video content to attract a new audience.

42. B2B companies must A/B test the landing page to increase leads.

43. Build social media relations as social media is one of the excellent lead generation tools. Post your video on social sites.

44. Post your video link while commenting on videos of others.

45. B2B markets must spend on mobile space.

46. Video is the better way to tell a story for B2B customers.

47. Do not consider YouTube the only medium for promoting your video and generating leads.

48. Do not neglect to give the link to your landing page in the videos.

49. Create video landing pages to persuade prospective customers to become customers.

50. Use introductory videos on sales pages.


Lead generation is the lifeblood of any B2B business. Lead generation tactics for these businesses are content marketing, referrals, and in-person connections. Understand what type of video marketing strategy helps you build momentum and get more leads in the funnel.

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