Video Advertising Strategy

50 Psychological Hacks to Improve Your Video Advertising Strategy

Yes, a successful video advertising strategy is possible by incorporating the principles of psychology into sales. Knowing what the would-be buyer thinks gives an advantage for the marketer to present more compelling and persuasive content for their service or the product.

Here are few psychological hacks that can be applied to video marketing strategy to get good results for the business.

1. Give the video content that people actually want to see.

2. The value of the content should be in proportional to what action you want people watching your videos are expected to take.

3. Offer some free gift or discount to the audience. This need not be expensive or valuable.

4. Reciprocity helps in gaining new customers and helps retain them.

5. Make the website design very attractive and visually appealing.

6. Colors influence the behavior of humans. Buyers take decision about purchasing a product based on color also.

7. Use buttons in various colors on the website to influence the mood and feelings of the buyers.

8. Use the best color button for conversions.

9. Another psychological hack to improve results from video is to create a feel of urgency. Have limited time offers.

10. Show the products in the video ad to encourage mental interaction with the viewer.

11. Let the models in the video ad gaze towards the call to action.

12. Whenever relevant show attractive models to promote your product in video ads.

13. Use attractive models in the video ads to products in luxury, appearance, health or beauty related products.

14. Technology, office supplies or food product video ads may not need attractive models.

15. Add text to your video to convey an emotion.

16. Highlight multiple features of a product or service in the video ad.

17. Use catchy name for the video. It should reflect what the video contains.

18. Do not forget to let people judge your video by an attractive thumbnail.

19. Crisp editing of the video ad is needed to encourage people to watch the video.

20. Try asking the viewers questions about the video.

21. Take the feedback from the viewers seriously.

22. Create an emotional bond with the viewers by answering their questions personally.

23. Let the audience feel that they are important to you.

24. Tell story through the video and this leaves impression.

25. Understand the audience and market to them not to the demographics.

26. Be a good listener and this ensures strong relationship with the audience.

27. Optimize the video ad campaign by asking feedback from the audience.

28. Listen to the audience to strengthen their trust in the brand.

29. Video helps in emotionally connecting with the audience.

30. Give clear direction to the audience with calls-to-action.

31. Create share-worthy substance.

32. The title of the video must be engaging and unique.

33. Emotional connection with the audience is possible only when they click the video . Arouse curiosity of audience with engaging title.

34. The story in the video ad should relate with the viewers to emotionally connect with them.

35. Do not neglect the fact that most shared videos online are those with certain emotion. It can be humor, wonder, awe etc.

36. Leave the audience thinking about your ad even after they complete watching it.

37. If the audience could be taken on emotional ride, the video marketing campaign is going to be a success.

38. Create emotional video after determining what the audience should feel.

39. Communicate with the audience in a way that they can relate to the brand.

40. Interactive mobile video can be used to connect with the audience.

41. Show a customer using the product or service. Consumers are more influenced to buy a product when they see someone using the product.

42. To emotionally connect with the consumers show your employees and behind the scene videos.

43. Use large logos so that the consumers will remember them.

44. To increase brand recommendation use the right call to action.

45. Call to action can be a hashtag, button or a URL.

46. Use funny vides to help consumer get familiar with the brand.

47. The purchase intent can be increased with informational ads.

48. Conversions can be increased with dramatic ad tones.

49. An ad of minimum 30 seconds is ideal for consumers so that they can recall the ad.

50. Let your video ad auto start. There is every chance that the video will be watched by the audience.

Video advertising campaign is going to grow bigger in the coming years. It is a good idea to experiment different ways to improve it.

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