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50 Signs You Need to Invest in Online Video to Make Money

The video is a powerful way to share the message. Many businesses now have an online presence and made video a part of their digital marketing. Here are the signs why you should invest in an online video to earn more money.

1. Video can directly affect the sales and helps to earn more money.

2. Online video gives more return on investment.

3. Using Video on Social media is a number one activity on the web.

4. Social media users are consuming more online video.

5. The reach and growth of YouTube is increasing and uploading an online video on this platform is going to benefit more.

6. There are billions of unique users on YouTube and these people consume a large amount of online video content.

7. YouTube is the largest search engine and hosting your online video on it will increase the website traffic.

8. YouTubers are most powerful social media figures to promote the brand.

9. Online video can be used to target exactly.

10. Online video helps to boost conversion rates.

11. Having a video on the landing page encourages the visitors to stay on the page little longer.

12. The message of the brand also is boosted in more simplified manner.

13. Invest in online video if you want to generate more leads into the business

14. Capture the visitors as leads with a call to action in the video.

15. If you want to boost business sales try using Online Video.

16. Having a video that reviews the products or services can help the customers to buy more from you.

17. Invest in the online video if any of your product required visual demo.

18. Having a visual demo of the product influences the buying decision of the prospect.

19. Another sign you need to invest in the video is to revise the social amplification strategy.

20. A relevant online video helps to boost social shares.

21. An online video builds engagement for the audience.

22. Invest in the online video if you want to raise investment for business.

23. Video helps to send a message in an efficient way.

24. Another sign that you need to invest in online video is to build brand credibility and trust.

25. Tell compelling stories to your consumers and built a connection with them.

26. Make the consumers trust you with your compelling videos.

27. Invest in the online video if your business website is not ranking high on Google search.

28. Apart from all these signs, consider the fact the video is 1200% more likely to be shared.

29. Online video is more likely to be watched on social channels.

30. Online video is watched more on mobile devices that text content.

31. If your conversion rates are low, consider investing in online video.

32. If you are a website owner or a business owner and you have never utilized video, you should invest in online video.

33. A sign that you need to invest in online video is if your website traffic is decreased.

34. If you are revising your social marketing campaign consider investing in online video.

35. If you are a startup and looking to standout.

36. You can invest in an online video to earn more money if you are an established business and want to standout.

37. If you are a brand or business and want to take thing nationwide or global

38. Improved online editing tools are available and are becoming affordable.

39. Online videos can be created an event with the smartphones.

40. Online video engages and ignites emotions.

41. Online videos increase the time visitors spend on your site.

42. This sends signals to the search engine that the site has good content and Google loves videos and ranks them high in searches.

43. If you want to expose your brand or products to mobile users, then think of investing in online video.

44. Videos appeal to mobile users.

45. A number of mobile users watching the video increased by more than 400 percent.

46. Video consumption on mobile is likely to rise by hundred percent.

47. If you are launching a new product or service then invest in online video.

48. Create videos on how the product works.

49. Explainer videos help to influence the buying decision of the consumers. More than fifty percent of businesses explainer video on home page.

50. If you wish to increase the click through rate, invest in online videos.

Videos are shared easily by viewers and can be published in multiple locations. Create a video that will be relevant for a long time and it can live on indefinitely.

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