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50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Promote your eCommerce Videos

Video marketing is very effective for eCommerce sites. Video has proved to influence the viewers to buy products. It is effective and creating great video and having a great video marketing strategy are challenging. Here are few ways to promote your eCommerce videos.

1. Create content to increase audience engagement.

2. Check the marketing videos of your competitor to come up with new ideas.

3. Watch videos that teach video marketing and try learning some new tips and tricks to promote your videos.

4. Watch marketing videos that went viral and find what people love about them.

5. Create videos that contain the information about the history of your site and its goals.

6. Create how-to videos to use your products.

7. Make a video that contains the interview of one of the persons involved with your eCommerce site.

8. Ensure that the video strategy for your eCommerce site is well planned and executed.

9. Set a goal for your video.

10. Create videos for target audience.

11. Try creating something unique for the target audience to stand out from the crowd.

12. Do not ever try to bash your competitors instead keep your videos positive.

13. See that your videos are not very long.

14. Include your logo or name to showcase your brand in the marketing videos.

15. Do not neglect to add call to actions in your videos to direct customers take one of the actions that you intend them to do.

16. Post the videos on popular video sharing websites such as YouTube for better reach.

17. Choose the posting options based on the goals of the company.

18. Third party hosting is easier to use and promotion of the video is also easier with the many tools available.

19. Do not post the same video on multiple sites. Instead have different videos for different sites for better SEO.

20. Post mini clips of social sites and link them to your videos on eCommerce sites.

21. Name your video with a suitable title having popular keywords.

22. Write video description with many key words.

23. Add relevant tags for the videos.

24. Having a YouTube channel helps find your new videos easier.

25. Post e-Commerce videos consistently to get more views.

26. Do follow up with your promotional videos to build audience.

27. Apart from uploading engaging new content, also keep your eCommerce site up to date.

28. Create product videos to give insights into the products for your potential buyers.

29. Product demo videos help the potential buyers to get to the item.

30. General product videos help the audience look at the product in different angles and look at the primary features.

31. Behind the scene videos show how the product is made and increases customer engagement.

32. Create About us videos to explain the audience about your eCommerce site.

33. Explainer videos help gain the trust of the audience.

34. Promotion of your ecommerce site is effective with customer testimonial videos.

35. Post the videos of happy customer interviews.

36. Post your videos on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

37. Let your videos auto-play on sites that allow this feature.

38. Make your videos easily shareable.

39. Create instructional videos that explain the technical information of the product easily.

40. Increase your conversion rate by creating videos that help the audience to choose a product.

41. Send out emails along with the marketing videos.

42. Increase interaction with the customers with user generated video content.

43. Try reaching out the customers in their native language. Transcribe the videos in different languages.

44. Create video content to suit for mobile marketing.

45. Respond to the comments and questions of the audience.

46. Create greater custom thumbnails to get viewer attention.

47. Allow others to embed the videos.

48. Bring lot of people to your landing page by driving people to video by offering something free.

49. Use the paid promotion feature of social network sites.

50. Share the ecommerce promotional videos in online communities.

eCommerce businesses should sue the videos to increase the conversion rates. Determine how videos can add value to the customer experience and decide the approach.

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