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50 Tricks that Can Make Anyone A YouTube Vlogging Star

Getting inspiration from YouTube Vlogging Star PewDiePei or Jenna Marbles? These are some of the successful YouTube vlogging stars. There are also many small vloggers. What brings success as a vlogger? Here are few tips that can be followed to become a successful vlogger.

1. The success of the YouTube channel is determined by the number of audiences. To grow the number creates brand recognition.

2. Create a playlist of you popular vlogs.

3. Do not forget to include links in the descriptions of YouTube videos.

4. To keep the audience engaged, encourage them to comment and start a discussion in the comments section.

5. The Vlog titles must be awesome and attract.

6. The success of a vlogger depends on how consistent he is.

7. Publish the Vlog schedule so that people come back to watch the new content.

8. Ask the viewers to like your Facebook page or subscribe to your channel or to leave a comment at the end of the video.

9. It is also a good idea to ask the audience to decide the topic for your upcoming channels to keep them engaged.

10. Create a brand logo and use it for all the vlogs.

11. To be unique on YouTube, create content that is memorable.

12. Instead of generic titles use catchy titles.

13. Include keywords in the titles so that search engines can easily find the videos.

14. Use a thumbnail that is likely to grab the attention of the audience.

15. Find out what the audience wants from you. Check the YouTube analytics and see which videos are most popular.

16. Take hints from popular videos of others channels.

17. Promoting the YouTube channel on social networking sites is good.

18. Link the channel to social networking sites such as Facebook.

19. Take tips and advice from vologging community.

20. Subscribe to the YouTube channels of other vloggers.

21. Collaborate with the vloggers of the same niche on social media.

22. Leave comments on the videos of other vloggers.

23. Create brand intro video for the video blogs.

24. Use the call to action feature effectively.

25. Run contests for your social media followers.

26. Answer the audience questions via a video blog.

27. Be honest and real in your work so that the audience appreciates the effort.

28. Let the audience feel personally connected with the vlogs. Speak to them on the videos like a friend.

29. Before deciding the topic for your next vlog, think a while about the audience interests.

30. Create an outro that requests the audience to subscribe to the channel, leave a comment etc.

31. Ask questions in the vlogs and tell the audience to answer them in comments.

32. Be active on social media.

33. Mention the community supporters in the vlogs so that they feel personally connected.

34. Do not neglect to respond to even negative comments.

35. Ask the audience for tips to improve the vlogs.

36. Dedicate time to interact with the community and build the community.

37. Do not argue with the audience.

38. Take negative comments as constructive criticism and try to make it an opportunity to improve.

39. Don’t give attention to the trolls.

40. YouTube Live Stream is a great way to engage with the YouTube community.

41. You can also host Twitter chat.

42. Choose the niche of your vlogs that you are passionate about.

43. Watch the latest trends and use these keywords in your titles to make them catchy.

44. Ensure that the content you are offering is of great quality.

45. Start a blog for your YouTube channel.

46. Optimize vlog title and description for SEO.

47. Keep vlogging goals so that these motivate you.

48. Add a channel trailer to encourage the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

49. Use relevant annotation to videos.

50. Increase the number of videos in you channel to build video achieves.

The above are some tricks that can set you up for success. Whether you are interested in making money or share your creativity, follow the helpful tips and grow your YouTube channel.

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