Vertical Video Advertising

50 Unknown Facts and Figures about Vertical Video Advertising

Vertical video is the new up and coming trend in mobile advertising. These give better user experience. The users need to rotate their phone to watch these ads. Vertical ads can be helpful the brands to increase brand awareness and there is great opportunity for vertical videos to have higher completion rates. The facts about the vertical video advertising are listed here.

1. Periscope, Snapchat and other apps are helping the popularity of vertical video ads.

2. Vertical videos have nine times more completed views when compared to horizontal mobile video ads.

3. A vertical video which is compelling will make the users keep watching.

4. Periscope app only work in portrait mode because the people use their phones usually with one hand.

5. Vertical videos do not fit most mobile screens.

6. Making vertical video content is not any harder than creating widescreen video.

7. More than forty percent of the world population access the internet and nearly fifty percent of them from their mobile phones.

8. In 2010, vertical videos received only 5% of the viewing time.

9. In less than five years, the figures reached to 29%.

10. Thirty-five percent of consumers watch ads on mobile devices.

11. Upload of vertical videos always increased to fifty percent a year ago.

12. Some of the mobile apps only allow vertical playback.

13. On YouTube, which is the largest video sharing platform, more than half of the video views are got from mobile phones and tablets.

14. Data shows that users prefer watching vertical video ads.

15. Snapchat revealed that there is about nine percent increase in vertical video ad viewing.

16. Facebook also revealed that users watch vertical videos longer and they play these videos with sound also.

17. Facebook owned photo sharing app Instagram is also drawing huge audience through its vertical videos.

18. The de factor video formats for both Instagram and Snapchat are the vertical video.

19. Facebook and YouTube also updated their mobile apps to play vertical videos.

20. Mobile video is also important for eCommerce sites because 38% of the transaction happen on mobile devices.

21. People spend 86 minutes in a day accessing internet on mobile devices.

22. This is more compared to accessing the internet on desktop which is only 36 minutes around the world.

23. Vertical videos are more engaging as there is no need for the users to do more work to watch them.

24. Over the 100 million users of Snapchat, more than 2 billion videos are watched on mobile videos.

25. On an average, Americans spend 2.8 hours a day watching there smartphones in portrait mode, which increases the opportunity for vertical video advertisers.

26. Mobile video advertising is going to grow five times faster when compared to desktop video advertising.

27. Vertical video advertising offers brands more targeted ad option.

28. It is revealed that ninety-four percent of the time, people hold the phones vertically which increases the chance that vertical video ads are going to be watched more.

29. In the last five years, watching of vertical video content increased by over six hundred percent.

30. Snapchat vertical video ads are watched more if the length is does not exceed three minutes.

31. The fact that vertical videos are watched more with sound on Facebook, more vertical videos are going to appear in people’s feeds.

32. The Facebook vertical video ads are going to appear in the feeds of users in 2:3 aspect ratios.

33. Vertical video is the only one content format that is more captivating that other video formats.

34. Vertical video ads are more appealing to connected generation.

35. About seventy-five percent of users in the age range 18 and 20 years watch videos on smartphones and so targeting them with vertical video is one of the best strategies for brands.

36. Brands are optimizing their ads for smaller ones instead of big screens.

37. Dependency of mobile devices increased the consumptions of vertical video ad content.

38. Instagram introduced vertical video a couple of years ago and it saw consumption of over 40% of the video content shared.

39. Vertical format video is being embraced by big names like The Washington Post and BBC news apps.

40. Advrtas, an ad platform also launched vertical 360 video ad units.

41. Vertical video format is providing more positive results for brands.

42. Vertical video ads on Snapchat increases brand awareness by fifteen points.

43. Vertical video ads also increase the purchase intent by 22 percent.

44. Higher completion rates are reported by some brands when they use the vertical video ads.

45. Vertical video ad creators must ensure that their content is clear. Keep the subject in focus.

46. Vertical video ads are great to accommodate human figures.

47. Vertical videos give great user experience.

48. Well executed vertical videos help tell great stories to the users.

49. Vertical videos provide immersive and engaging experience to viewers which will be beneficial for advertisers and publishers.

50. Vertical video ad format is a great opportunity to reach young audience.

Horizontal videos filled the televisions, monitors and everything but the increase of smartphone users and accessibility of videography equipment resulted in more and more vertical video content creation.

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