Leverage Live Video Streaming

50 Ways Events can Leverage Live Video Streaming

Videos proved their dominance as marketing tool. Live videos are also becoming an important part of marketing strategies for the brands. It is becoming the next big thing for events and meeting. Live video streaming of events is not a trend now, it is becoming a must for the organizations. Here are few ways in which events can leverage live video streaming.

1. Live video streaming of an event will help the brands, businesses or organizations to boost engagement.

2. Live video can be used to make announcement of the upcoming products.

3. Take followers and fans to behind the scenes of an event. Let them know who are managing the event.

4. Live steaming an event will generate bigger audience.

5. When an event is live streamed, the content can be accessed by audience worldwide. This way more and more people can watch the event and this boosts engagement.

6. Urgency can be created with the announcement of an event at one particular moment. More and more audience will join the live video to watch the special event.

7. Live streaming an event will help the brands to interact with the potential customers.

8. New audience will also join to watch the live event if the content is interesting.

9. Live streaming the events can open new opportunities for business. It can bring new clients.

10. Charge the people who want to access your live stream of the event and this will bring you extra revenue.

11. Live streaming events can make the brand or business stand out from the rest.

12. Events can use live streaming to reach wider audience in even remote places.

13. Organizations can reach their employees staying far away and they can get the information as every other employee.

14. Businesses can avoid spending money on travelling of employees to attend the event when they are using live streaming of the video. This reduces operations cost.

15. Live video streaming of events will help exchange ideas quickly.

16. Live events can be recorded and archived for future use.

17. Even remote users can watch the event on different devices and can interact with the presenter on real time basis. This allows greater event participation.

18. Organizations can use live streaming to show their events and trade shows as they are happening.

19. Take the users to behind the scenes at the venue so that they feel a part of the event.

20. Have a question and answer session and take full advantage of live streaming benefits.

21. Live streaming events give the event a long shelf life and it can be recorded and repurposed.

22. Live streaming event recording can be uploaded to YouTube.

23. These can be posted on the websites or blogs of the brands or businesses.

24. The event can be shared on social media like Instagram by splicing into 30 seconds snippets.

25. Brands can create stories for the audience so that they do not feel bored and disconnect.

26. During the event lives streaming, reply to the comments of the viewers.

27. Ask the audience what they want to see or who they want to talk to.

28. Live streaming for event can show the interviews of the employees or clients. This increase engagement and also shows the human side of the company to the viewers.

29. Panel discussion on various topics allows audience to get more valuable information and also to interact with the experts.

30. If you are live streaming a product launching event, in the middle of it. Show the audience how to use the product and this will improve customer experience.

31. When using live streaming for events, let your audience know about the broadcast at least a day in advance.

32. Make sure that the broadband is fast enough for smooth streaming.

33. Unite the brand and the customer by live streaming the events like parties and celebrations.

34. Live stream the even on different social platforms to reach millennial target audience.

35. Identify the trending topics and held discussion on them during the live streaming of the events.

36. Typically customers see the finished products, how about showing them how the product is actually created? Use live streaming for this.

37. Research on what the audience wants to learn and offer training on these topics. This increases engagement.

38. Before going for live video event, decide what you want the video to look like and feel like.

39. If you are live streaming an event in which a product is being launched offer the audience some offers and discounts on purchases. This helps to increase conversions.

40. Live streaming is a powerful tool the helps get good exposure.

41. Live video engages the audience for more than an hour, according to studies. In case of games, people watch live streams for about six hours depending on the popularity of the game.

42. Provide special resources to the audience during the live streaming.

43. Promote your live streaming event on social networking sites to increase the number of attendees.

44. Choose the live streaming platform which is best for your community.

45. Use Facebook Live for live streaming your event that allows people to ask questions in real time. After the event, the video will be posted automatically on events page on Facebook.

46. YouTube live is another option for event live streaming. There is also test option that allows testing out the signal before the live streaming.

47. Periscope is another platform which makes event live streaming easy and quick.

48. Give your audience sneak previews and build hype.

49. Allow to get a glimpse of the action for those who are not present at the event.

50. Also give information about your upcoming events during the live streaming.

Live video streaming of events will continue to a part of any marketing strategy. It is going to be the next big thing as Google, Apple, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms entered into the market. Share the live events online with your fans and followers with the available resources and not much effort is needed for this.

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