Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast Using Twitter

50 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast Using Twitter

Creating, uploading videos in YouTube channel is not just enough, promoting the channel plays an important role in the success of the channel. There are many tools for the promotion of the YouTube videos and Twitter is one of the best tools for this purpose.

Twitter is one of the popular social networks with millions of users every day. Here are some ways in which Twitter can be used to its maximum potential that aids in promoting the channel and increasing brand awareness.

1. To expand reach, relevant hashtags needs to be used on Twitter.

2. There are two types of Hashtags and these are custom hashtags for own YouTube channel and others are the trending hashtags.

3. However hashtags needs to be used in the right way. Do not stuff the tweets with hashtags.

4. Do not use hashtags that are not relevant to your business just because they are popular.

5. Look at the trending hashtags by performing searches.

6. Adding your videos to the trending and appropriate hashtag.

7. This increases the chance of people scroll through the hashtag conversation and clicks your YouTube video.

8. Create a custom hashtag for the vlogging brand.

9. Custom hashtags can be used for Twitter chats. Ask the users to use the custom hashtag in the tweets to participate in the chat.

10. Twitter chats help in building relationship with the viewers.

11. The participants in chat expand the reach.

12. Reposing or posting multiple times is considered spamming. So do not spam with a single Twitter but focus posting the audience when more numbers of audience are online.

13. Do not post the same thing again and again but try mixing the content about your YouTube channel.

14. Give your YouTube channel link in your tweets.

15. Also describe about your YouTube channel in the profile bio.

16. More views for the YouTube channel can be gained by linking the YouTube playlist in the profile bio.

17. If the videos on the YouTube channel are about reviewing a product, mention the brands and products and gain more exposure.

18. Brands that are mentioned in your tweets may share it, re tweet it etc this increases brand exposure.

19. Do not let your followers know that you are repeating yourself.

20. Follower numbers can be increased by posting entertaining, informative and relevant links.

21. More brand loyalty for your YouTube channel can be gained by showing your followers on Twitter that you appreciate them.

22. Respond to their re tweets and shares.

23. Thank them for sharing your YouTube video.

24. Do not always tweet just about your YouTube channel or about your YouTube videos. Share valuable content of others also.

25. Keep people engaged on Twitter by asking them questions.

26. Ask them about ideas to create your videos.

27. Pre-write tweets and use scheduling platforms like Tweetdeck to be organized.

28. Integrate Twitter account with YouTube account.

29. A new tweet will be automatically posted whenever a new video is uploaded on the YouTube channel.

30. Twitter allows only limited characters so shorten the YouTube video link.

31. Use some eye-catching text to describe the video to attract many users.

32. Use WeFollows to build Twitter followers.

33. Mention is influencer marketing on the social platform. Mention the other Twitter account and expose your content to more audience.

34. Take a small part of the YouTube video and upload using Twitter native video uploading service.

35. Twitter users will watch the trailer and chances are that they watch the whole video on YouTube.

36. Periscope also can be used to promote your videos by using a Live Stream explaining about your latest Video.

37. Use Twitter Cards for YouTube Video Promotions.

38. Create GIFs /twitter videos for content repurposing.

39. Tweet at least two to four times in a day.

40. Find the Twitter accounts of those who use the terms in their tweets that relate to your channel content.

41. Contact them directly on Twitter.

42. Using Twitter for YouTube channel promotion is good as your can promote your videos over and over by tweeting about them right.

43. It is possible to grow your YouTube channel quickly by using Twitter.

44. Listen to what the Twitter users want to know about your channel.

45. Find popular YouTube channel in your niche. Check if they have an active Twitter account and them follow them.

46. Promote the channel by creating different phrases for your videos and use them to self promote the channel.

47. Take the quotes from your videos and share them with your Twitter followers and do not forget to give the link to your videos.

48. Have a proven strategy to promote your channel on Twitter and also apply it.

49. Use promoted tweets to reach wider group of users.

50. Promoted accounts are another effective way to increase Twitter followers and to get benefited from promoting YouTube channel to them.

For all the YouTubers who want to get more views for their YouTube videos and finding ways to promote the videos, Twitter marketing is the most powerful promotional tool. Above mentioned are the ways which can be used to grow the channel.

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