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50 Ways to Ignite Your Business Using Instagram Video

What is the most important thing for making your business a success online? Well, it is the video. Video is adopted by all most all companies that have their presence online for marketing their products. Combine video with Instagram, and you are sure to get success with your video marketing strategy. Let us see how well Instagram videos can be used for your business.


1. Deliver a message to your fans via video.

2. Brands can announce the launching of their new product using Instagram videos.

3. Special discount sales or offer announcements can be made on Instagram videos to attract more customers.

4. Make a video that is a customer testimonial. Customers trust the people who already purchased a product and using it.

5. Give the details of a flash sale through the Instagram video.

6. Keep the customers engaged with high-quality videos.

7. Make sure the content of the video provides valuable information to the customer.

8. Customers might have doubts about a newly launched product, which can affect sales. Use Instagram videos to answer the questions of customers.

9. Product demo videos also help to increase sales. Make product demo videos with all the details the customers are looking for.

10. Add value to the Instagram community by answering the customers’ questions with your Videos.

11. Instagram video length is about sixty seconds, and utilize this time most efficiently to inform the customers about special offers and events.

12. Know the optical times for uploading the video. Post them frequently.

13. Take care about the quality of the videos, as the audience watches good quality videos more.

14. Reach the target audience by offering videos with complete product and service information.

15. Create interest in customers by teasing upcoming products.

16. Behind the scene videos are also beneficial for the business as these allow us to connect with the customer.

17. Show the customers using your product; these videos are people’s favorites.

18. Increase conversions by using the Instagram video efficiently. Increase visibility by posting three to four times a day.

19. Compel the audience to hit the follow button on Instagram by offering them some reward.

20. Track the performance of the Instagram video and monitor the trends.

21. Businesses should track the audience’s comments to get feedback.

22. Instagram’s Video format differs from other video-sharing platforms. So film the videos keeping this in mind.

23. Brands must use the first ten seconds of the video to increase brand awareness.

24. Try to deliver a strong message in the video’s first three seconds.

25. Videos play without sound automatically on Instagram. Therefore businesses must see that their video delivers the message even when sound is not playing.

26. Instagram videos do not give the feeling to the audience that they are watching ads. These are like regular posts.

27. Businesses can include a call to action in their Instagram videos.

28. Buffer or Planoly tools help to schedule the video posts. This ensures consistency and increases follower engagement.

29. Instagram videos can be shared on Facebook also. Use these influential sites to ignite your business.

30. Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram and help users find them. Businesses must use hashtags to get connected with people easily.

31. Promote your video content by creating specific hashtags.

32. Use the trending Hashtags related to your product or brand to increase visibility.

33. To keep in touch with the fans and followers, run the Instagram Hashtag contest.

34. Build good customer relationships by responding to the comments of them.

35. Take permission to use your followers’ photos and show them to your customers.

36. Respond to even negative comments.

37. To connect well with the customers, post videos that are more than your product.

38. Be creative with the videos. Hire a videographer to create high-quality content.

39. Post exclusive videos of your brand on Instagram. Do not share these videos on other social sites. The Instagram followers will feel special.

40. Encourage followers and fans to comment on the videos. Get feedback about the brand and the product.

41. One of the best ways to engage the audience is to make them part of the visual strategy.

42. Use Instagram stories to inform people about a limited sale. Make discounts available to those who buy the product until the Instagram story is live.

43. We know we have sixty seconds to get people’s attention on Instagram. But do not waste the first few seconds; instead, try grabbing the attention from the beginning of the video.

44. The algorithm changes frequently, and there is no point in creating longer videos for Instagram as these do not even appear on feeds. Make tech videos short and straightforward.

45. Show the daily happening at your business using Instagram stories.

46. Also, provide information to the users on topics unrelated to your product or business. Instagram stories help to show videos on any issues and grab attention.

47. Many brands now use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to post a story about the live broadcast. This helps bring more viewers.

48. Show the Instagram users how to use your product so that they can see the product in action and get inspired to buy them.

49. Create Instagram videos that entertainingly promote the products.

50. Highlight brand events and milestones by creating short videos.


Instagram helps you connect better with the audience. Try the new live video feature and make your visual marketing successful.

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