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50 YouTube Fashion eCommerce Store and Their Success Tricks

Many fashion brands now have their eCommerce stores which help them to the wider customer and also to improve their sales. Fashion labels are also using video a part of their marketing strategy online. Many of them have their own YouTube channels. It proved to impact the business much more than the time and investment spent on them.

It is interesting to note how these e-commerce fashion sites used YouTube for their e-commerce site success. YouTube proved to be one of the greatest tools for the e-commerce businesses of these brands.

The video is versatile and hence it is rapidly replacing as a popular medium in place of traditional marketing. The information provided on the video draws immediate attention. The fashion sites demonstrate their new products, announce their new launches and show the outfit ideas or advice on choosing the colour combinations. They can even share some tips on using the right accessories for the outfit. All this is done by the above popular e-commerce sites on their YouTube channels.

YouTube is the second big search engine only after YouTube and having YouTube channel and optimizing the videos will build brand awareness and increase e-commerce site visits. Here is the list of the e-commerce fashion brands that made it big on YouTube.

1. DC shoes

2. Louis Vuitton

3. Chanel

6. Vans

7. Victoria’s secret

8. J!NX Clothing

9. Christian Dior

10. Old Navy

11. H&M

12. Dolce & Gabbana

13. Cartier

14. Tommy Hilfiger

15. Calvin Klein

16. Ray-Ban Films

17. Burberry

18. Aeropostale

19. Paco Rabanne

20. Converse

21. Piaget

22. Adidas Originals


24. The official Pandora

25. Fendi

26. Tous

27. Michael Kors

28. Desigual

29. Prada

30. IWC Watches

31. Volcom

32. Ralph Lauren

33. Hublot

34. Bulgari

35. Net-a-Porter

36. LRG Clothing

37. Audemars Piguet

38. Tiffany & Co.

39. TAG Heuer

40. Timberland

41. Dafiti

42. Etnies

43. Havaianas

44. Diesel

45. Levi’s

46. Rip Curl

47. Sestini Mercantil

48. G-Star Raw

49. LC Waikiki

50. Gap

The YouTube videos of fashion e-commerce sites are shared by the customers on their social platforms and this further increases the reach of the videos. The e-commerce sites give the link to the videos to direct the viewers to their product page, and this increases conversion rate.

Another tactic followed by the e-commerce fashion sites is that they involve customers directly and get the benefit of brand loyalty. Contests were the best way they followed to build brand loyalty. They also encourage the audience to make an ad for an item that they purchased on the e-commerce site.

Many big names are using YouTube for their benefits. The successful eCommerce fashion channel fully customises their product pages and also customise their playlists. Different subchannels are created by some of them to provide relevant content to the targeted subscribers. YouTube worked out well in increasing their subscription rates.

The frequency these fashion e-commerce YouTube channels at which they upload their videos is also terse. The video content can be about the products they sell on their site, the deals, and the special offers. The videos are properly connected to the product pages of the official websites.

There is a good reason why the fashion e-commerce sites are using YouTube now. YouTube is e-commerce friendly because it can be easily customised and also because of its search algorithm feature. For eCommerce fashion sites, there is no other tool better than the YouTube video to market themselves well, and moreover, this is costs less generates great results.

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