Adpocalypse : Understanding YouTube Demonetization

YouTube has created the ecosystem of bringing the strong relationship between the customers and the companies through video ads which have been operated by the studio creators. The YouTubers are earning from YouTube as it is paid by Google to explore those ads. Suddenly YouTube has released some protocols to the entire channels of YouTube which broke the earning dreams of YouTubers. How?

New YouTube Monetization Rules

Undoubtedly YouTube has blast the flash news of introducing the new rules that every creator should follow before monetizing the ads in their channel. That is it should reach the certain views.

The creators are not qualified to gain money through YouTube Ads until that video touches 10,000 views.

When the videos of creators will cross the view of 10,000 then those videos will be reviewed by YouTube by following YouTube guidelines to pick up the appropriate ones.

After that their channel considered to be in YPP of continuing to serve the ads at their video content. This allows the creators to get revenue who are strictly obeying the YouTube policies.

Due to this the spam videos that are stolen from the actual will be identified immediately which helps genuine creator.

The content of the video should be Advertiser friendly in which there is no controversy, hated speeches and racism.

There should be documentation for the video YouTuber creates stating that is his/her own work.

The creator should consider the three metrics of YouTube like YouTube community guidelines, partner program policies which are the crucial part of YouTube advertising and ‘terms and conditions’.

YouTube Adpocalypse

The only magnetic power of YouTube to get huge channels on it is YouTube Advertising. This sketches an idea of bringing innovative thoughts at their channel which helps commercially by placing ads.

Till now we have seen that most of the well-reputed brands like Pepsi, Walmart and Verizon are had spent huge bucks on advertising on Google to explore their brands with unique identification.

But now they changed their opinion to stop making advertisements on YouTube.

This is a big distract for the YouTube advertising platform which means Adpocalypse.

This is all because of some channels that are intended for controversies and racism. The ads associated with those videos might impact the brand of the company in the next generation as well as the present.

So all companies management predicted this as an issue of vanishing the brand and stopped advertising on YouTube.

Then YouTube has immediately taken preventions bypassing some rules and regulations that each YouTuber should follow.

Which are intimating to generate family content in the channel will be offered for YouTube ads as a part of YouTube monetization.
It is a very tough task for both the grown YouTubers and startups. With this issue, most of the YouTubers are decided to quit from YouTube.

YouTube Ad Boycott

When the world’s top companies stopped placing ads on YouTube then suddenly the revenue of it is dropped to the ground.
Before this concern, each video of YouTube channel is allowed to place six ads for ten videos.

This dispute has greatly impacted the reserved ads which are the brands for the high-quality ads having huge craze in advertisers.

90% of the content creators are putting great effort to rise up the fame of YouTube which is being as the medium to enlarge the branded companies through ads.

But now everyone has disappointed after hearing the YouTube metrics passing restrictions.

YouTube ad boycott is going to be the big ahead for the YouTube and as well as for the creators.

YouTube Demonetization

YouTube has taken potential hacks to regain its advertising sponsors and this doesn’t want to be its creators on news regarding the senseless or inappropriate activities like controversies, racism and hated speeches.

They had decided to take the demonetization strategies by considering the policies that shut up the rumors spreading in the society about the creators of YouTube channels.

It has made boundaries at the views of the video as it must reach 10,000 then only it is eligible to insert the ads and can gain the money for that.

One more concept they introduced as the concept of demonetization is reviewing the videos of creators to find whether they are having appropriate content or not.

The theme of demonetization has completely disappointed the creators who have totally dedicated their life to the channel.

YouTube account is getting demonetized; what should I do?

  • Ensure you’re not posting ‘Not Suitable For All Advertisers’ content
  • Make sure your content isn’t already being monetized by others
  • Ensure you’re focused on a high-value niche
  • Ensure your tags are relevant and accurate

Heard about YouTube demonetization? This is what it means

  • Demonetisation is where an account with misleading content but a lot of followers gets its ads pulled
  • Demonetisation will destroy viral marketing on YouTube

This video was demonetized because…

  • It’s about a controversial subject matter
  • It uses foul language
  • It contains drug references
  • And yes, even MLM videos are demonetized

YouTubers are freaking out because their videos are being de-monetized. The revenue for their livelihoods is disappearing

  • If you make money from your channels, check every single video and find out if it’s demonetized
  • Ask to be whitelisted because there have been mistakes with the new monetization policy

YouTube Adpocalypse

  • You won’t be able to monetize your videos anymore
  • Ads will be random and hard to find
  • Don’t rely on Youtube for views any longer
  • Create a plan B and diversify your audience
  • The new ad rules are stricter than ever
  • The new updates are making it harder to grow an audience
  • The updates favor creators with BIG followings
  • You can’t rely on YouTube for passive income anymore
  • The apocalypse is upon us. But, there’s something you can do about it
  • Block your ad blocker for one month and see what happens
  •  If your channel isn’t super brand-safe, look into the content ID


I think you might get an idea of YouTube Adpocalype which is the trending topic in the social media and let us see how it is going to overcome these issues which are never predicted or arrived before.

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