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Advantages of VOD Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)


The viewing habits of consumers have changed from time to time with technology and latest happenings. The live TV consumption was shifted to the time-shifted viewing. VOD allows the users to watch various shows and movies at one platform without any additional software requirements. VOD has gained great popularity by creating the new advertising opportunities for the companies. The Dynamic Ad Insertion technology opened the doors of advertising opportunities which allow the cable providers to target the advertisements out of VOD content.

Dynamic Ad insertion created huge opportunities for various parties which can gain good value for advertising. According to the recent reports, it is revealed that the consumers of VOD are watching commercials at an average of 30 minutes on VOD comparing to linear TV. So, advertisers are reaping good benefits with VOD DAI.

The Ads can be varied from 15 sec to 60 seconds in length. The thirty-second ads are very popular across the VOD platforms.

The Dynamic ad insertion was created new opportunities for the cable TV providers for targeting the ads.

VOD ad insertion is using the major broadcast and the cable networks and the VOD DAI platforms were integrated across the 130 DMA and increase its ad insertions.

The major advantage of VOD is ads are nonskippable by the viewers and the functionality is determined by the individual network programming providers.

DAI/VOD is now offering the agencies and advertisers with the best option to target the consumers utilizing the video ads in the programming environment.

DAI incorporation allows the advertisers to find more opportunities in order to recapture the live TV viewing as well as it helped in increasing the key demographic reach with time shift viewing.

Therefore VOD and time shifting view have created a great opportunity for the adverts to reach the targeting consumers and grabbed the best impression from consumers as well as the advertisers.

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