Amit Agrawal : CEO of PICOVICO – Exclusive Interview

Reelnreel.com Exclusive Interview with Amit Agrawal, CEO of PICOVICO.

Tell us something about your Company PICOVICO?

Picovico is a video-storytelling platform for personal, professional, and business use. The application automatically transfers photos and video clips into easily shareable polished movies with exclusive video styles, text, and music.

What are the PICOVICO video services?

As an application solely designated to make video-making easier for our users, the application is incorporated with quite a few tools and services.

Our key features include:

Video Styles:
Users are allowed to choose from a wide variety of style selection options depending on the kind of videos they want to create. We have also categorized our video themes so that users aren’t left confused. If you browse through our styles, you will find everything from styles designated to create birthday videos festive/celebration videos to professional business videos or just simple personal videos.

Music Selection:
Intending to provide more interactive and livelier videos, we have integrated music into our video-making engine. Users can choose music from our library or add their own.

Users can either add captions to photos or create a new text slide to tell their stories through our video better.

Talking about the trends, the Internet has been widely focused on video content in recent times. Whether you look at the massively rising number of video contents on social media, a rise of Youtubers from all around the world. Everything is coming to videos whether you look into entertainment aspects or new for that matter.

Most noticeable, of course, is the trend of video and slideshow advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. However, video making is still limited to skilled editors, and normal internet user is unable to make videos easily due to costs and lack of domain expertise.

We are trying to solve this problem by bringing video making to every internet user, such that making simple, slideshow videos can be as easy as editing photos on Instagram. There is a huge potential in such photo slideshow videos as they are lightweight and easy to share.

Tell us something about your PICOVICO process with respect to Video Production?

Picovico allows a user friendly step by step process that is easily understood even by a first time user.

Step 1:

As soon as you login, you are taken to the style selection page, which is the first to video production.

Step 2:

You can then upload photos, add texts, make text slides, and add music.

Step 3:

Just hit create and finalize your video with titles, description, and that’s it. You’re done.

What is the PICOVICO Success Model?

Everyone wants to create videos. But the art of video-making hasn’t got any easier if you think about it. There is software easier to navigate. Not everyone who wants to create videos has been able to do that. With picovico, our foremost goal is to make the art and process of video-making easier.

We have a wide variety of users. Many Individuals are using Picovico to create personal videos for birthday, wedding, anniversary, and festivals. While professionals are constantly requesting us for more video styles especially in Real Estate & Photography.

Many professionals struggle to promote themselves online. Making a video is a time-consuming work for them. We see a huge potential for Real Estate Agents and other professionals who want to exhibit their work online in the form of a video. Also, creating fresh content regular challenge.

Hence the trend of short, lightweight slideshow videos that can create quickly is what we are anticipating in near future so that even people in developing countries where Internet speed is slow can contribute to online video content.

What are the Latest PICOVICO Services that can help brands?

If we’re talking about the direct involvement of Picovico in helping businesses grow, we have recently been focusing on encouraging businesses to create slideshow video ads using our application. Our automatic video engine will significantly lower the cost of video making for any business. We are mostly targeting small businesses with our approach as they are the ones who need our services the most.

We provide white label videos (videos without the watermark) with our pro plan, so businesses don’t have to worry about us taking any credit for the videos they create to represent their brand.

Little insight on what’s happening at Picovico:

We are coming up with the new PICOVICO – revamped version of our existing application. We are adding some exciting features like Logo, video clips, among others. These features can be used by brands to come up with more interactive brand videos, which can also be used as sponsored ads on social media.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your PICOVICO Services?

Any existing or upcoming brand should continuously engage with their customers over social media and maintain their reach to boost their business continuity. This requires unique and regular content. This was my unbiased opinion when I said, video contents have almost (if not already) taken over the world. Like Mark Zuckerberg said, in the next few years Facebook will be dominated by video contents, and this will most probably also hold for rest of the internet.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that hiring professionals or equipping oneself with video-making skills are both times consuming and expensive. Upcoming brands can use the services of Picovico to create videos easily. They can create video ads, just daily posts, or whatever our users want. What we are aiming at is to be a part of a video-content revolution that has already begun sweeping the Internet.

We also provide Picovico API for brands with custom branded video styles so that they can automate the entire video-making process and pass on the service to their users from their site. It helps them generate User Generated Content which can then ultimately used to sharing on social platforms or their site. Many brands are already using Picovico API to run Slideshow video-making contests on their sites and social media.

Thank You Amit Agrawal for sharing your valuable inputs for reel-reel readers.

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