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10 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Your B2B Video Landing Page

10 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Your B2B Video Landing Page

Video landing page for any B2B must generate leads and result in conversions. Online marketing is not easy for B2B companies as the sales cycle is very long. Here are few quick tips to get more benefits from video landing pages for B2B.

1. B2B companies must create different video landing pages for different sales cycle stages – that is a new customer would like to know more about the company, the prospect lead may want to know more about the product to make purchase decision etc.

2. Offer some valuable content such as an eBook, whitepaper etc for the viewers to download after filling their contact details on the video landing page. This helps you to contact them later.

3. Create landing page video contact for target prospects. Leads want to interact personally with the brands.

4. To connect more with the viewers personally, use customer testimonial on the landing page.

5. Optimize the website for SEO. The video landing page will then result in better search ranking.

6. Submit the video sitemap fo the website to Google webmaster tools.

7. Add transcripts to video landing pages. Transcripts proved to increase the revenue by at least sixteen percent.

8. Single video landing page may not be enough for B2B are the preferences of buyers varies. Support the independent research process of the viewers by including links to relevant content.

9. Check your call to action. It should be clear and tell the potential leads what they can do to get benefits.

10. Create compelling thumbnails to the video landing pages.

Another important thing that B2B companies should follow is to see that their video landing pages load quickly. Optimize the video landing pages for search and get the most from them.

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