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B2B Video Marketing 101: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Sales with B2B Video

The big data and content marketing has emerged in B2B marketing and were changing the world of B2B marketing. In fact, they made the B2B marketing more complicated, and the industry was continued its change by connecting with the buyers and potential customers.

Video has already filled the marketing space and every marketer was targeting the ads with video as their primary medium to convey the marketing message to their targeted audience across the web. It becomes the most compelling tactic that every marketer was focusing.

Marketers are getting a very positive outcome by utilizing the video content in their strategies. It also enhances their marketing funnel and increasing the traffic towards their site. Video can bring the brands and businesses with quick response and better sales conversions as it is the most efficient form of advertising.

Let us go through our detailed guide about B2B video marketing 101. Here we go.

What is a B2B video?

B2B is all about the business to business dealing instead of business to consumer marketing. So, the B2B video consists of a broad range of approaching the other business to stand out from the crowded businesses online.

Characteristics of a good B2B video

• A good B2B video must be an entertaining and informative one.

• It must create a good storytelling with a well-redefined point where businesses must be interested in it.

• The viewer must feel genuine and authentic by watching your content.

• Everything must be in good quality irrespective of audio and video.

Why video for B2B marketing?

• It can support the brand building strategy and deliver the best SEO value with a diversity of content mix.

• The video in B2B strategy is very helpful for the businesses in new consumer on boarding process.

• It rewards great value and augment the customer service and helps in enhancing the strategy to be successful.

B2B video marketing strategy

When comes to the B2B video marketing strategy, you must need a clear plan and super precise execution of the same. Let us discuss how to plan a perfect B2B video marketing strategy.

Fit your video marketing plan in your sales funnel

You must make a right fit your video marketing plan in your sales funnel to enhance your key strategy for the B2B business. Most of the B2B companies integrate the video marketing using the automation of marketing and thus turning the well-performing leads to the organization.

The best way to get the right metrics is to align your strategic plan with your sales plan to make it a clear B2B video marketing strategy.

Define your goals and objectives

Utilize the video content to expand the reach and create awareness on the comprehensive B2B video strategy and the sales funnel.

Your videos must be entertaining and engaging as well as it must convey the best message to your consumers. It must raise the interest in your potential buyers. So, make your first impression the best one to fetch good results.

Influence of Social Media in B2B Marketing

Social media plays a great role in your B2B video marketing strategy. Each and every entity plays its role. You can utilize these tactics for nurturing the leads and getting awareness etc.

Facebook can increase the B2B brand awareness as retargeting the unique content can bring good awareness in building right audience. Facebook is an adamant platform for building the B2B brand awareness.

The quality B2B leads are less on Facebook for generating the right leads. It best for lead nurturing as 42 percent all B2B companies are efficiently marketed using the Facebook platform.

Best B2B Video Campaigns and B2B videos

The best examples of successful B2B video marketing and advertising videos.

The Zendesk TV commercial

Zendesk TV ad is one of the top funnel B2B videos. The company is a software service provider went with a creative approach. Its innovative approach in conveying the message made them stand out from the crowded companies online.


Deloitte had launched its B2B video featuring its real team employees for delivering the message. The video makes the viewers feel its friendly and easily understandable message to its audience.


Intel had made a B2B video highlighting the solutions they offer with real life interviews that are similar to the Hubspot approach which brought them great credibility.

B2B video content marketing and advertising

There are different types of video categories you can go with and it includes the bringing of branding awareness.

Explainer videos

The primary purpose of the explainer videos is to make the complex concepts easily. You can simplify the things related to your concepts and services you are offering to the businesses online. The explainers are the best way to reach your potential audience across the web.

Endorsement videos

The branding material and the distribution of the costs that is included in the sales channel. These type of videos are very helpful to the B2B businesses to get their job done.

Product Reviews

The product reviews and testimonials always have its significance in the sales funnel. It is also a part of advertising when comes to the B2B companies marketing strategy. So, create the best testimonial videos from your potential customers who can fetch best results in turn.

Instructional videos

Instructional videos featured with the how to utilize and what to know about your services and their benefits. It enables the self-guided learning to your customers.

Along with these categories, the B2B is also equipped with the best forms to reach the right business space.

B2B video marketing statistics

• 70 percent B2B marketers are using video, and 62 percent of them had increased their marketing budgets.

• 90 percent B2B marketers revealed that videos are the most challenging content.

• It was estimated that 82 percent of Internet traffic would be the video by 2019.

• 75 percent B2B buyers are watching the video product demos.

• Facebook video posts have 140% more reach organically.

• Video emails can increase the leads up to 200 percent.

There was a lot more actual statistics for B2B video marketing and advertising today. Follow the above guide and get started with your B2B video marketing.

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