Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2 has taken the Internet by storm – The realm of Baahubali 2

The movie buzz that turned into a trending topic on Twitter filled with millions of comments on Facebook and a million likes on YouTube.

From the first start of the project to the release of the sequel, everything becomes viral across the web.

It broke the social media records along with the box –office records worldwide.

Yes, what is one your mind is right. It is all about the viral movie “Baahubali 2”.

The most prestigious movie project was fulfilled completely and released striking the box-office collections along with the social media space.

SS Rajamouli, the Co-writer, and Director of the film scripted the characters beyond the expectation of the viewers, and the play was worth of these legendary breakthroughs across the globe.

The Baahubali 2 was a biggest blockbuster international hit which made the Tollywood get noticed across continents. The smart direction and wonderful screenplay make the story more absorbing and up roared the box office.

The Riveting experience to everyone

Baahubali becomes a viral buzz since from its part one release” Baahubali – The beginning.” The days were moved very fast and the most awaiting answer “Why Kattappa killed Baahubali” revealed in Part 2” “Baahubali – The conclusion.”

The question becomes viral in every social media timeline and the discussion become one of the hot topics ever on social media platform which runs for a year until the part 2 release.

Social media has become the biggest part of the success of Baahubali and its sequel. The trailers, teasers and promotional events touched the audience hearts and became a great asset to the movie makers.

The buzz that raised as a fire on social media which made the fans to create something new humour, short films and fan-made videos on YouTube platform.

The Astounding records of Baahubali sequel

  • The film was completed with a budget of massive 250 crores and now hitting the golden baskets across the globe.
  • Baahubali crossed the 120 crore mark in the first itself and set a new record in the Hollywood industry.
  • A massive 400 crore was a collection during this week and expected to continue the same pace at box office from worldwide.
  • The movie was released across 6500 screens in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages in India.
  • Along with worldwide screens, the total was 9000 screens across the globe.
  • The 100 crore mark was crossed in the collections of Telugu states both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • The movie was released in 650 screens in Tamilnadu and grossed 30 crores this week.
  • It was grossed 20 crores in the Malayalam Language in Kerala in first three days collection.
  • The film had received great reviews from the US and collected over $10.49 million dollars
  • 72 crore was collected from other parts of the world and set a new record in the global movie world.

Baahubali-2 – The conclusion — Social media strategy

The promotions made the film more viral across the globe and helped the team to reach a global audience. The social media strategy has become the most vital part of successful collections today.

The strategy followed in an ingenious way since from the part one release.

Behind the Scene Videos:

The trailers, characters, teasers are just the standard approach carried by every movie creator in today world. Baahubali went beyond the strategy and started its promotion with behind the scenes and latest buzz at sets time to time.

They made the audience busy with the latest updates without losing the interest in audience minds.

It is the most admirable strategy that was achieved with complete implementation.

The team had created an official website to get connected with the audience about the latest updates time to time.

The official channels on social media platforms become a great room for conversations and discussions that made the audience more anxious about the second part release.

Bought a new flame in fans with campaigns:

An individual post from the Director Rajamouli announcing a need for 5000 cast on social media blew as a fire and made the campaign a big buzz across the web.

Baahubali 2 on Facebook:

The Facebook page was started in the year 2013. The Director of Baahubali, SS. Rajamouli made several announcements about the release dates and increased the curiosity in the audience.

There is a huge number of the audience followed the Facebook page. The topic became viral and stood at fourth place in most discussed topics on the platform.

Baahubali 2 on Twitter:

The team started their Twitter handle @BaahubaliMovie later many hashtags were released and trended across the Twitter platform.

The team started the Twitter handle in Telugu language and attracted primary Telugu audience on social media, and it was continued for the part 2 “the conclusion of Baahubali.”

Baahubali 2 on Youtube:

The first part trailer went viral with 12.6 million views and the second part trailer crossed the previous one within weeks.

The fan made trailers become a new attraction on Youtube platform, and one of the fans made trailer went viral acquiring 2 lakh views within a short period.


Baahubali 2 set excellent records across the globe. Many top actors, directors and prominent people shared their reviews on Baahubali. The major review websites gave five out 5 points rating in their websites.

The film won the ratings of critics and especially the audience hearts.

The audience is more excited and shared their review as a proud moment because a Telugu Director did it. Baahubali set an excellent record in North America too. People abroad are watching Baahubali 2.

It was released across 9000 screens throughout the globe and received great applause and 100 percent positive and happy reviews from the viewers.

Unknown interesting facts about Baahubali 2:

  • Baahubali 2 –The conclusion is the first Indian film that was released in high definition 4K quality.
  • The art director Sabu Cyril built entire Mahishmati kingdom set which comprises 2000 people.
  • 12 tickets were sold every second on the BookMyShow app.
  • The film was pictured with 2500 VFX Shots, and more than 30 studios worked for the movie.
  • 1500 pieces of jewelry were designed for the characters.
  • The climax war scene in Baahubali 2 costs 30 crores
  • Baahubali 2 was collected highest gross on the first day in both Hindi and Telugu languages and stood as the first film to break such a total record.
  • Baahubali earned 36 crores from the advanced booking.

There are much more records to break on the go, and people are more excited to watch records and to feel as a proud moment of every Indian in Movie history.

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