Baahubali Movie YouTube Marketing Strategy

Baahubali Movie YouTube Marketing Strategy

Baahubali: The Beginning – YouTube Marketing Strategy

Baahubali is the name that strikes in every mind when it comes to movie discussions and success. It had created a national sensation under the direction of SS Rajamouli. It is the most expensive film that ever produced in Telugu film industry. It has bagged more than 48 million dollars across the world in first nine days after release. The success of Baahubali didn’t start after the statement as we can say that it began before the release across the social media. No other film has created a great buzz across all social media platforms. The movie promotion completely went beyond the barriers, and complete edge to edge utilisation of social networking platforms was exposed which had played a crucial role in the movie to succeed in creating the colossal anxiety, interest in the audience mind.

Baahubali: The Beginning

The title was entirely apt to the story. The movie created a great buzz with the starring actors Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Thamanna Bhatia and many top senior artists. We have already enjoyed the success and felt proud about the movie as it has taken the Telugu film industry to the next stage. We look at the towards the marketing and promoting a point of view. The cinema utilised the social media platforms, which become the great sensation across the web and also reached the international audience. Here is the step by step strategy followed by the Baahubali team using the video giant YouTube Platform. Here we go..

Initial step- Making of Baahubali videos on main lead actor’s birthdays He began the advancement of the picture right from 2014. The crusade began off with a video on YouTube wishing on-screen character Anushka Shetty on her birthday with the beautiful video. This was trailed by the anniversary wishing recordings are teasing the motion picture and the character of Prabhas and Rana. Likewise, they discharged the recordings of one-year shooting consummation, and every last bit of it had made the buzz gradually. The choice to part the film into two sections more likely than not been taken in the centre, as the monetary allowance created it was believed that it is ideal to make the group of onlookers purchases the ticket twice.

Appearing in the background recordings amid the end-credits or maybe discharging some footage a couple of months after a film has hit the theatres is normal. Glimpses of Baahubali’s making, be that as it may, was caught and discharged as an undeniable video on its YouTube divert in September a year ago a first ever for an Indian film. The Making of Baahubali, A Glimpse into Our One Year Journey was consequently a hit much before the genuine adventure of retribution discharged.

The teaser videos have driven great sensation across the web. The videos had created considerable hype in the audience and successfully raised the great curiosity to know more about the movie. This is the main agenda of the directors marketing strategy of the film. The director wants a good momentum among the audience till the movie release to keep the interest till it’s release.

Baahubali PRO files about Sabu Cyril

The video filmed about the talent of Sabu Cyril from his career start. The footage revealed how the production designer Sabu Cyril had become the great pillar of the Baahubali movie and his contribution to the movie along with the milestones he had reached in his career. He is one of the famous production designers who had worked on top films like Robo, Agneepath, Asoka and now Baahubali.

How to climb an elephant video by Baahubali team

The team has released a video on how to do and how not to do while climbing an elephant in the sets of Baahubali which has created a great humour across the web. The video had entertained the audience with its day one to day four efforts of Rajamouli to climb an elephant.

Baahubali @SETera – peter – the Bold

Peter Hein, the stunt master of Baahubali movie targeted in the video about his styles. The footage revealed the passion of the stunt master and the way he dresses up daily at a different situation and how he handle the things in his style at every angle is very impressive and creative way. You may become familiar with scrapbook, but now the team has created the new style book which shows the connectivity between the professionals, artists and the men working for the movie.

Making of Baahubali – a glimpse into our one year journey

Baahubali team has released a glimpse of their one year journey in the video. The video started a shot on July 2013 shoot at Kurnool cheering up the crowd by the lead actor Prabhas. They completed the shoot at Palace Darbar at Ramoji film city in August 2013, Baahubali Hall in September 2013, Balladeva Hall in October 2013, the beautiful waterfalls at Kerala in November of the same year. The war fields had completed war fields in March 2014. All these things were revealed with great shots in this video which had entertained and kept the audience attention in the movie.

Making of Baahubali – featuring DOP KK Senthil Kumar

The video had featured the DOP Senthil Kumar’s efforts for the Baahubali movie. He is the man behind the visual treat of Baahubali. Rajamouli idea was merely superb and appreciative as he noticed each and everyone and their contribution of working for Baahubali. The behind the screen artists have come live light with the Baahubali promotion videos. This video was created with good background music by MM Keeravani.

Prabhas birthday special interview about Baahubali

Prabhas Birthday special interview during Diwali festival has grabbed the attention of the audience to know more about the Baahubali before the release. It has raised the expectations of the audience towards the movie. Prabhas, Rajamouli, and team had spoken about their efforts towards the Baahubali movie in the interview.

Baahubali Skit – Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Tamannaah – Memu Saitam

This is a beautiful promotional video which dedicated to the Memu Saitam program for charity. The skit is very humorous in which the entire team was divided into subgroups to make a dish and their attempts that were pictured was merely superb. The background song and the music added to the skit was just awesome. At the end of the video, the dishes put in front of a producer of Baahubali who had attached a little charm to the skirt. This is played during the Memu Saitam program which had grabbed an enormous response.

Baahubali Making – Visualizing the world of Baahubali

This video revealed the picturization of Baahubali and its sketches which are very interesting and impressive. One year pre-production works which had visualised the complete efforts and teamwork of Baahubali. The visualisation sketches and the working on construction of sets, monuments and different war machines and visual effects are just awesome, and audience remained speechless after watching this incredible video.

Baahubali – The beginning Teaser

The teaser featured the lead actors both Prabhas and Rana Daggubati differently. The trailer released on June 1st, 2015 and after that, every character was explained in detail with an individual teaser.


Nasser is one of the well-known actors in Telugu films who has the great name as an artist. The video portrayed his character in Baahubali as BIJJALADEVA. His Handset up for movie is one of the highlight aspects.

Sathyaraj as KATTAPPA

Sathyaraj is one of the famous Indian actors who had already worked as a lead hero in many Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu old movies. He started acting in different roles and now in Baahubali as KATTAPPA. He acted down to earth in Baahubali without exposing the stardom.

Ramya Krishna as SIVAGAMI

Ramya Krishna was one of the most significant assets to the movie, and many of us can’t imagine any other artists in her role. She wholly involved in her character and carried the position in best way.

Audio launch

The characters were introduced during the audio launch of the Baahubali. The audio launch is also well designed and carried uniquely with the introduction and introducing the new talented artists to the stage. The director also introduced the new language which is known as “killer” language has become the centre of attraction. It had become very famous across the web; recently the pop singer Smita also made a song on kilki language dedicating for the Baahubali success which is trending on Youtube platform. All songs were released in audio function along with the two dialogue trailers.

Trailer release

Baahubali – The beginning trailer released on July 10th in 4K. The trailers reveal the perfect utilisation of the marketing strategy with present trends in digital video advertising and marketing. Four trailers with 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds were released on the same date and created great sensation across the web. The trailers now in cinemas was also attracted the audience, and after that, the third song was released which has shown the complete visual aspects at one shot.


Big trailer

The more significant than the biggest trailer had released by launching the video on the compelling character of Rana Daggubati and Prabhas with a title of nature brought life which has excellent response and connected the audience.



The 50 days trailer

50 days trailer is the symbol of Baahubali Success journey which reveals the strength and power of the movie. The trailer was attractive and simple as there is no need to pull the audience to the theatres as the film itself was creating the biggest buzz for two years, and attendance is ready to watch for the second time.

Overall strategy

The Baahubali Team had planned in a right way by going with the present trends across the Social Media platforms. They have not only utilised Youtube platform but also efficiently used other platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. to build their strategy gets executed in the best way to reach the audience. The impressive element is the team already knew as people don’t like lagging of movies once it announced and they may felt bored of the subject and left the things and concentrate on another subject. This essence was grasped by the Baahubali team and planned in the way to get engaged the people until the movie released by uniquely holding the excitement using the YouTube Platform. They entertained the audience with different small teasers, making videos, trailers, style books, behind scenes and everything back of the stage and drive the audience till the movie release.

It is the perfect plan that executed flawlessly. They achieved an immense response across the globe and the final verdict is the movie a wonderful all-time hit.

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