Chromecast Alternatives

Top 10 Best Chromecast Alternatives

Chromecast Alternatives are the best ways to get the online services into the small screen, and there are multiple devices in the market to watch online content on all devices. Before, we used Blu-ray devices for running online content, but now different types of Chromecast Alternatives available. The Google Chromecast or alternate name is a dongle which can directly connect to HDMI USB port on the TV.

Chromecast Alternatives Leeds live on your Netflix, phone, Tablet, YouTube that directly cast like TV. It comes for the plaster to download or chrome cast. To set up Chromecast devices first, you should log in to the website “”

Another thing is you need to download the chrome cast app for Android or iOS devices. Chromecast folder consists of all applications which are suitable for different chromecast applications.

Currently we have many streamers here, among all we have shortlisted top 10 best Chromecast Alternative devices.

Chromecast Alternatives

Apple TV:

The new Apple TV has its own app store for software services. This Apple TV allows 1080p HD resolution picture quality. This has equipped with remote control, with having an exciting feature Siri with voice control which we use tablets and iPhones.

Apple TV allows streamers to get the best services to get movies, sports, actors, directors and fitness show everything live on the big screen with high resolution. You can browse music from iTunes on the big screen. Apple TV doesn’t allow 4K videos like other Chromecast Alternatives.

Amazon Fire TV:

Amazon Fire TV is one of the best things to buy for streaming services. The fire tv as wonderful software extremely pleasant to use. In amazon Fire TV the content is segregated as a list of options at the right hand side and playlist and recent closed tabs.

If you have the amazon Fire TV you would like to upgrade the new version you can upgrade it easily with previous options. The Amazon Fire TV comes with new remote control with voice recognition, power supply and a set off box.

Fire TV has a feature for private music listeners has a Bluetooth and Wifi option. Amazon Fire TV has Fire TV stick adaptable for best streaming service with 4k resolution.


Roku has all the streaming service channels like Netflix, Hulu Plus, sling TV and twitch. It has streaming app services like movies, sports , live shows and weather reports. Roku helps you feel watching real cable TV network , you can switch to the other channels using Roku remote control.

It works 100 percent like big screen reliable streaming devices. It gives incredible quality and has almost 700 apps. The latest version of Roku has new updates and new interface to work amazingly. Roku streaming stick extended its features, television industry with Roku TV services.Roku tv included low price streaming service and some of the Roku Tv allows 4k services.


Picast is open source and can use in multiple platforms. If you would like to work with YouTube, Netflix and for browser support PiCast works for it. It is easy to turn Raspberry Pi into google chromecast features.

The software required for this process called as PiCast. It gives limited access to telecast or streaming in browser videos. If you instal podcast app in your devices, it just works like an ordinary chromecast devices.

Android TV:

Google new invention for android based media streamer which is different from the amazon fire tv and Roku TV. This is completely based on the android based apps and rich interface for Android TV users. Android TV is the best platform for 4k content and Netflix built in 4k apps.

Android TV boxes are best for Kodi friendly devices. It consists of just a small set of box like apple Tv. There are various versions of Android TV boxes like kodi and XBMC devices. It is flexible, easy to use and stable.


This is Western digital TV media player for streaming channels. The design looks like a rectangle shaped box consists of HDMI ports, internet port, AV out, analog jack. It has two USB ports to attach external hardwares.

Once you instal WD TV app you come to know the features like movies, live tv,sports and browser options. It does not support for Amazon and Netflix videos. This box support to access personal video library.

Allshare Cast:

This is cheap and best for streaming media support. The first time you can download the free app from google play store and use it. It gives minimum casting if you like to browse full songs, videos, movies you should go for Allcast premium version.

You can use this for multiple chromecast devices like amazon fire TV, Apple TV and more. If you would like to get only for smart tv gadgets like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic you must install Allcast Receiver software.


XBOX One is best for gaming console for streaming games on TV’s. If you would love to get one device for both streaming media and video games, go for XBOX One gaming console. It has built-in video player, more than 70 apps and complete games library.

Kids love to work with device interface. It‘s easy to use and user-friendly working interface. There are many gaming consoles like XBOX one among all of the this one best for media streaming services.

Amazon Fire TV stick:

Amazon Fire TV stick is cheap and best 4k video streaming device. Consists of Alexa voice recognizable remote control and service platform. It consists of tiny microphones in remote to recognize voices.

The design of the box consists of micro USB port on one side and a rectangular box with HMDI plug to insert on TV. The remote looks like a glossy finishing and 5.9 inch plastic wand. This remote control consists of different buttons with touch options.

Teewe Stick:

Teewe stick is another plug and play streaming media player. As a memory device, we use to watch movies and sports in laptops. Here we use the true stick, a cable with an HDMI plug on one side to connect .

This device is same as data cards we use of WIFI and Airtel data cards. The design of the stick a rectangle box and another side with a stylish logo on it. Teewe 2 also looks like the dongle, but small difference is using the two you can completely operate with your phone.


To watch movies, music and videos on big screen we use Chromecast devices.In this article we have listed the top 10 best Chromecast Alternatives to enjoy big screen Entertainment.

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