Best Kodi Add-ons: The Ultimate List

50 Best Kodi Add-ons: The Ultimate List

Kodi is formerly known as XBMC. It is a well-known open-source media player which is free of cost. It is a non-profit tech consort available for multiple OS and hardware platforms. Here is the list of the best Kodi add-ons.


  1. Back in time – Bamf is a retro addon related to the classic action. It is a mixture of iconic sports and fun. You can find bite-sized clips using this addon.
  2. The Fixtures – Sports addon is the best for sports lovers.
  3. Dr. Stream is – the best addon for 4K movies and TV shows. You can also access the DTS movies. It works well in low bandwidth and has the option to view offline.
  4. Super cartoon Kodi – Best add-on for cartoon games. It comes up with a user-friendly layout with well-organized content. You can play random episodes.
  5. HD cartoon Kodi – it is found in the Xunity repository. You can directly install from the same. It is preferable for children as it provides the best content without any wrong links in the stream. 
  6. Final gear Kodi – an add-on from Griffin. Provides you with all popular TV shows. Top car shows and automotive content can be delivered with this add-on.
  7. Fear of the Dark Kodi – Best for horror and scary movie fans. It includes new releases like an alien, grindhouse, etc., available on Ares Wizard.
  8. The machine Kodi is a live TV, and VOD adds on, which must be installed. It requires an F4M tester for installations. It covers live TV and other programs.
  9. Exodus – Exodus is one of the most famous Kodi ads related to streaming entertainment. It is a video streaming add-on that boasts a reputation. It has an updated mobile and Tv shows the library. It has a good search feature and categorized features.
  10. SALTS – it is a repository addon that can be installed manually. You can launch Kodi and can download the zip file.
  11. Genesis Reborn Kodi  – This add-on is turned into Exodus. It can be downloaded from the Jesus box repository. It is some of the best Kodi add-ons. It has the best TV shows. 
  12. Spectro fork  – it is similar to the departure. It offers access to the latest TV shows and categorizes the library based on the views, ratings, latest titles, and box office hits.
  13. Quasar – this Kodi brings movies and shows via popular websites. It is a multi-provider adds.
  14. 1channel PrimeWire – best add-on for binge-watching. It is available as a fusion repository. It offers various movies, TV shows, and an extensive list of sources.
  15. One hundred twenty-three movies Kodi  – this Kodi comes up with a selection of movies along with TV shows in HD quality. Users can choose based on the most favorite, recent, viewed, etc.  
  16. Watch 5s – the best Kodi add-on that had gained attention quickly. It provides the latest Hollywood blockbuster information, search capacity based on years, genre, and free movies.
  17. FUBAR – best entertainment Kodi for your family. It had a panda section providing a family movie collection and a Bollywood movie collection. 
  18. Safehouse – This Kodi add-on is related to the movie profile featuring at least HD and SD quality releases. It offers the latest movies, keeps track of the wrong links, and removes them. 
  19. HEVC Video Club – this Kodi is a movie ad from Dandy Media. It mainly provides the HEVC movie format. It compresses video quality to under one GB. This add-on works well though you have low bandwidth.
  20. Fine and Dandy is one of the best movie add-ons, which differs from the safe house movies.
  21. SportsDevil – Best sports Kodi add-on dedicated to live streaming and TV, especially for sports content. It covers a wide variety of games live streaming. 
  22. Pro-sport Kodi adds on – it can be installed via simply Caz repository. It allows you to watch live sports streaming and retrieve the same from Reddit. It is the best addon for protecting American sports live.
  23. WWE – WWE on-demand Kodi Add-on is the best pick for wrestling lovers. It includes pay-per-views like royal rumble, etc., offering the best action wrestling entertainment. 
  24. Wrestle Nation Kodi – this add-on can be found in the super repo repository. It is a popular add-on for wrestling live matches. 
  25. AceStream Kodi — best for watching sports and other content. It works on BitTorrent protocol using its player. You need a plexus player to run the streams from AceStream to Kodi. 
  26. MP3 Streams – It is found in the metal kettle repository. It is the best addon for Kodi, MP3 streaming. Users can build the best lists and IDs and create their music collections.   
  27. TunelnRaido – best Kodi for radio enthusiasts. Best for mobile devices and tablets to listen to MP3 music. 
  28. Music Box has rocked the world with a bulk music library for music lovers. User-friendly and consists of all the latest featured lists.
  29. Rave player Kodi – this add-on is best to add on in entertainment that provides the music library collection. This add-on is frequently updated and easy to use. Adding to new albums, become very comfortable with this add-on. 
  30. Music source Kodi – The Kodi add-on is unique and offers various features along with the music. It provides a vast library. 
  31. Zem TV – It relates to the fusion repository. It offers a massive list of TV channels, including sports, movies, Live TV, Indian shows, and much more.
  32. SmoothStreams – This Kodi add-on offers various sports and entertainment channels. It provides over 50 live TV channels where you can also stream live events with television shows. The streaming is available at different qualities up to 1080p
  33. Elysium – This Kodi add-on allows you to access and watch the latest movies and shows, including animations and documentaries.
  34. BOB unrestricted – This Kodi adds on offers a wide range of content that allows you to stream shows, sports, movies, and music in different channels and languages.
  35. Planet MMA/UFC – The best Kodi add-on provides access to live events like UFC fights and related content. You can access the content directly from the Kodi box and Kodi software.    
  36. Sanctuary – this Kodi add-on is a version of Oblivion that shows live-streaming options, including UFC fights. It also accesses the dedicated streams of sports channels.
  37. Castaway – castaway Kodi add-on is similar to the sports devil Kodi add-on.    
  38. Nickelodeon and Jr is the best add-on for kids’ cartoon shows. It provides the best content which is appropriate for children.
  39. Cartoon HD – Best Cartoon Kodi add-on that offers high-definition shows that are appropriate for children.
  40. Super cartoon Kodi – This Add on is available in the fusion repository in the excellent media. It is the best Kodi add-on for kids with a user-friendly layout. It is designed in the category search like recent and most popular characters. 
  41. UK Turks Kodi –This Kodi add-on is temporarily down but came back with a new URL. It is good to add on, which provides live TV, cartoons, documentaries, movies, and sports content. 
  42. Flixnet – it is a new Kodi add-on that came with a lot of new features. It also provides TV shows, anime, channels, new episodes, and movies. 
  43. Maverick TV – best add-on which is working well. It provides the best content from TV shows and movies.
  44. Live Hub – best add-on from the stream hub repo. It can play with the popular APKs in Kodi from any device.
  45. The Universe is a new click add-on that provides the latest HD movies, Hindi Movies, and 3D content.
  46. Rising Tides – the best sports Kodi add-on that offers sports channels, football highlights, live football matches and PPV events, and more. 
  47. Poseidon is a new Kodi add-on that includes categories like actors, Oscar winners, and genres. 
  48. 1Channel is a good Kodi add-on that is the best companion to the departure.
  49. Veetle is one of the best Kodi add-ons that offer a wide range of TV shows and movies like Marvel, star wars, etc.
  50. Xmovies8 is a popular Kodi add-on that provides the best offers and playback quality movies in HD.  

Finally, these are the main Kodi addons that are helpful for your search to pick the best of all.

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