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Best Lighting Equipment for Creating Colorful YouTube Videos

There is a great competition on YouTube platform as there are many vloggers producing the video content on same topics. To grab the attention of the audience and to keep them hooked to the video until the end, the video needs to have good quality audio and video. Good lighting is important to create YouTube videos. It is not likely that we get natural light all the time. Investing in good lighting equipment is necessary if you are going to record your videos in the house.

Stellar Ring Light:

This gives a soft white look to the video. It comes with 5/8” flexible mount, 18-inch diameter and 65watt power. This can be placed on any light stand. This is perfect for the YouTuber for their on camera needs. This is especially suitable to be used by fashion and beauty vloggers. Those who want a small set up can use this. The light comes along with mounting hardware two lamps of 3299 k and 5500 K, AC power cord and a carry case.

Prismatic 18” Halo Ring Light:

This is a fluorescent ring light of 18 inches. This is opted for the YouTube videographers to have daylight balanced lighting. The lights can be dimmed if low light is required. The Prismatic Diffusion plates help evenly distribute the light and eliminate shadows to give professional quality videos. And the things you get with this purchase are the 60 Hz ring light, 5000K daylight bulb and others.

LimoStudio Photo Video Studio Four Light Head Continuous lighting 2000 Watt Softbox:

This is the easier way to light larger spaces. This is most suitable for YouTube vloggers who are generally on a budget. They can get more worth for the money they spend. This comes with two backdrop support stands, 2000 watt softbox lighting kit and hairlight, light stands, bulbs and boom, one 16 X 16 inches softbox and 105 watts CFL bulb. The buyers can also get three muslin backdrops in three different colors.

StudioFX 2400 Watt Large Photography Softbox:

This is another great choice of lighting equipment for the YouTube videos. This can be used indoors to record YouTube videos. The 5 daylight CFL bulbs, overhead boomlight and a large daylight CFL build give a good quality suitable. The clean light that the kit produces can make the videos really look great. These can be used to shoot videos in other locations also. The lights in the soft boxes can be controlled individually and this is one of the interesting features. Some of the parts in the kit are made with plastic but not bad for the price these are offered.

Fancierstudio 2400 Watt Lighting Kit:

This kit comes with three softbox lights that stand six inches tall, 3 light heads that can hold four bulbs each, fluorescent bulbs, and a carry case. This is suitable for bloggers who want a white background. As this comes at an affordable price, it can be a great starter kit for vloggers. The lighting it gives is bright and cool. The hair light is also included in the kit. Offered for those on a tight budget, many of the YouTubers are using this to get good results. The kit comes with a deluxe carrying case and the whole kit can be fit into this one bag.

Great lighting is essential for YouTube videos. A wide range of lighting equipment is available in the market today and using these you can make professional standard videos for your YouTube channels. Choose the best one based on your budget and the type of video you are creating.

Want to make awesome YouTube videos?

You need:

  • Good lighting
  • Good Microphone
  • Good Camera (Get more exposure with a DSLR, GoPro or 4K
  • Quality editing software and a good monitor

Ood Lighting Makes a World of Difference…

  • But what if you want it to look colorful?
  • Here is the Equipment you need
  • And here are some tips for creating amazing videos
  • See how these famous YouTubers light their videos
  • Make sure that this is part of your plan

Top lighting equipment for creating content for your YouTube channel

  • Lighting is the key to good videos
  • You don’t need expensive gear
  • 1-2 lights are enough to create incredible videos
  • Purple lights are the key to heavenly videos
  • You can start with tungsten light and a backdrop
  • And you can make your own light panel

Invest in lighting for your vlogs

  • A white background is not as professional as it used to be
  • You can’t create great videos without a quality light kit
  • Start with these two lights
  • Use your lights daily, even when you’re not filming
  • Post yourself using your lights
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