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Top 10+ Best Practices for Recruiting Video

Video is the most engaging marketing tool for product or service selling and everyone is realizing it. Video is equally effective in marketing the job to talented people. It is proved that recruitment videos increase the number of applications and the videos will be shared on social media. Here are few best practices to make use of this powerful tool.

Top 10+ Best Practices for Recruiting Video

1. When creating a video, explain the core value of the organization.

2. Take the audience on a virtual tour of the facilities in the company.

3. Introduce the employees in the organization. When the job seeker could access the information about the organization, a level of trust is created.

4. Recruiting videos can also contain snippets of company events and celebrations.

5. Interview the employees of the company and encourage them to share the details about their bonuses and other benefits they enjoy.

6. Explain the hiring process in the recruiting video. Let the job seekers know what you are expecting.

7. Animated videos or whiteboard explainer videos are the best types for creating recruiting videos.

8. Clarify the doubts of job seekers in the video. Understand the frequently asked questions and answer the questions in details.

9. Keep the videos short. Ideal length of the recruiting video should not be more than a minute and a half.

10. Include a call to action at the end of the video. Give instructions to the prospective job seekers on how to apply for the post.

Best Practices for Recruiting Video

  • Write a strong script.
  • Make a clear call to action.
  • Offer an incentive in exchange for email and social media handles
  • Give an overview of the video
  • 5. Share contact information at the end
  • Be authentic, positive, and brief
  • Don’t be too long
  • Choose the right format and style
  • Résumés should be short and to the point
  • Personalize hard copy mailing pieces
  • Use the attention-grabbing subject line
  • Send thank-you notes and updates periodically
  • Pay attention to your spelling and grammar
  • Do not use LinkedIn’s Sponsored content tool
  • Have a dedicated recruiting email address
  • Use a whiteboard for your demo
  • Create a script and run through it before recording
  • Ask friends to watch your video and give you feedback
  • Make sure the lighting is good
  • Create an excellent background for the camera
  • Show a unique perspective
  • Create value from your videos
  • Avoid rambling or talking too much
  • Don’t be afraid to be candid
  • Deliver a quick overview of who you are and what you do
  • Use a solid opening to gain the audience’s interest
  • Keep your videos short
  • Leverage video hosting sites to get YouTube views
  • Don’t mistake professionalism for predictability
  • Do not underestimate the time and money invested
  • Save the money on actors, get people in uniforms instead
  • Assign some of the work to the employee’s ones by one
  • Ensure that the image is coming across as trustworthy and credible
  • Watch your lighting and intensity level
  • Use a wide shot, medium shot, close up, and cutaways – that’s what makes reality TV.
  • Make it simple to watch
  • Make sure it doesn’t play automatically
  • Add a CTA
  • Define your strategy and set your message
  • Plan how you’ll interact with candidates
  • Hire the right video professional
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Capture attention with a video
  • Secure trust with the brand
  • Fill-in blanks with interactive applicant tracking systems or an internal database
  • Thank & reward applicants for their time and applications
  • Bring your customer with you
  • Engaging the audience and connecting with them on a personal level
  • Construct a powerful pitch
  • Ensure the job title is clear
  • Keep your video under 2 minutes
  • Distribute it on various platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare
  • With Video, you can show personality to your target group.
  • Have a purpose
  • Keep it short
  • Keep it personal
  • Show the video on your site
  • Use a host
  • Put the CTA at the end
  • Create a video that explains the job
  • List the compensation package
  • Show the benefits of working for you
  • Ensure Production quality is high
  • Narrate to the audience and not at them
  • Maximize employer branding
  • Create multiple videos
  • Recruit your own customers
  • Keep you the storyline short and simple
  • Find the best spokesmodel
  • Create the video word for word
  • Guest post on related blogs for extra exposure
  • Optimize headlines
  • Use B-Roll
  • Give reasons for viewers to buy
  • Try a pre-roll video ad
  • Share with influencers giving context/reasons for video
  • Not everyone wants or needs your video
  • Pick a great location
  • Pick the right time
  • Only use video when your audience is tech-savvy
  • Keep it short and fun
  • Use a variety of formats
  • Treat them like a video production
  • Keep it simple
  • Use QR Codes to capture leads in the Business Blog
  • Send long-form transcripts to bloggers
  • Start with a clapperboard
  • Include an explanation of why you’re an excellent candidate
  • Mention mutual contacts
  • Be simple and clear
  • Recruiters spend several hours a day on each candidate
  • Video should not be more than 2 minutes
  • Show company culture and values, not corporate message
  • Quality is more important than quantity
  • Formats, like YouTube videos, are best
  • Have a video plan
  • Use video when appropriate 3. Make the investment
  • Engage candidates early on
  • Your manners matter as well
  • Its important to know what you say
  • Consider video to save cost and time
  • Keep messaging consistent
  • Make sure your brand is in place
  • Know your audience
  • Give a good preview of the entire course
  • Tease and intrigue with the trailer
  • Mirror a signal to boost credibility
  • Set an expectation of the type of video you make through your thumbnails and previews
  • Respect the candidate
  • Show the benefits
  • Have a relevant message
  • Keep your video short and concise
  • Start with a great script
  • Use a solid camera
  • Make a plan and decision for audio quality

4 best practices to recruit video

  1. Compelling Offer
  2. Clear Contact Info
  3. Realistic Testimonials
  4. Encourage social sharing

Recruiting video best practices

  • Be yourself in the backchannel
  • Video opens up your company like nothing else
  • You still have to live stream
  • Keep it niche-specific or release it publicly a week later
  • Have fun with it!

This is a video showing you how to recruit video

  • Make a bunch of videos for job postings
  • Don’t advertise it
  • Create a hashtag and use #recruiting
  • Answer questions on the forum or comments on YouTube
  • Build your own community of followers here

A broken-down guide on the best ways to recruit new talent on-camera.

  • Get people to send you their videos by saying yes/no questions
  • Create a funnel that makes it EASY for them to submit it
  • Train your team not to give up until they get a video!
  • Hire someone who’ll make it manageable and fun for both parties
  • Outbid competitors with higher rates, faster processing

The best way to recruit video users

  • Practice what you preach
  • Show off your expertise
  • Be honest, upfront, and personal
  • Make the sign-up process quick and simple
  • Create a sense of urgency

If you want to recruit successfully, here are the best practices

  • Get awesome candidates to get in touch with you
  • Hire for enthusiasm, not experience
  • Have a focus on culture over skill-set
  • Train your employees on social media.
  • Always be transparent with your employees.

Recruiting videos are the best way to attract talented people to work for the organization. Use this method to maintain a competitive advantage when traditional approaches such as establishing the presence on hiring and recruitment channels are not effective. Above said are the best practices that can be followed to make the recruiting videos more effective.

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