Big Data Analysis

50 Big Data Platforms and Analysis Software for Video Analysis

What Is Bigdata? 

It is all about the collection of data. It’s used since the 1990s. It requires a set of techniques and technologies with new forms of integration. Bigdata usually includes data sets to capture commonly used for software tools.

About Bigdata Platforms and Analysis Software 

These provide a platform for providing analytics for extremely large data sets. It is for better providing better quality information. We have 3vs i.e., volume, variety and velocity.

1. IBM Bigdata:

IBM big data analytics consists of infosphere streams, IBM Watson explorer, IBM pure data, IBM smart analytics system, infosphere master data management.

2. HP Bigdata:

It includes HP’s haven and HP Vertica. Where HP haven it has both software and hardware services. Whereas, HP Vertica to for storage purposes.

3. SAP Bigdata:

SAP big database includes memory platforms like SAP HANA, SAP IQ. It is column orientation, grid view. SAP Hana is an in-memory database. It is for performing real-time analytics and developing the real-time applications. The sap is also known SAP Sybase Io and Sybase.

4. Microsoft Bigdata:

Microsoft database is a platform which is an open and flexible cloud.which is used for a quick application.

5. Oracle Bigdata analytics:

It is a high performance and secure thing for running diverse workloads on Hadoop and NoSQL. It reduces the cost and complexity of its infrastructures.

6. Takend Studio:

It is set of open source products for developing, testing, managing the data management and its applications.

7. Teradata Bigdata Analytics:

It unleashes the potential of great companies. It is a high-performance database. It is a UDA structured and multi-structured analytics.

8. SAS Bigdata Analytics:

It includes credits scoring for all SAS big data.

9. Dell Bigdata:

It is for integrating information of modeling and visualization capabilities in big data.

10. HPCC Systems Bigdata:

It provides highly concurrent and low latency real-time query capability.

11. Palantir Bigdata:

It includes Palantir Gotham to secure, manage and analyze all the data.

12. Pivotal Big Data:

Helps to discover insight from all the data to build applications to store, manage and secure.

13. Google BigQuery:

It is a web service which helps companies to analyze massive datasets.

14. Entaho Big Data Analytics:

It gives a comprehensive and a specified solution.

15. Amazon Web Service:

It provides cloud-based analysis to help us to process and analyze the data.

16. Cloudera Enterprise Bigdata:

It includes cd, the open source Hadoop-based platforms.

17. Hortonworks Data Platforms:

It is multi work load data processing across an array of processing methods.

18. Fico Bigdata base Analytics:

It comprehensive big data analytics software solutions.

19. Cisco Bigdata:

It is used for their personal chats or inner communication.

20. Splunk Big Data Base:

For computing, storages, connectivity and unified management capabilities.

21. Fusion –Io Bigdata:

It eliminates the random workload performance deficiencies.

22. Intel Bigdata:

It includes technology products such as Intel xenon processors.

23. Mu-Sigma Database:

The data science includes muxo, muhpc, and mutext.

24. Microstrategy Bigdata:

Also called prime. this provides visualization and dashboarding engine with the in-memory data store.

25. Opera Big Data:

Flows from both inside and outside the enterprise.

26. Redhat Big Data:

It runs on Linux which is the leading platform for big data deployments.

27. Informatica Big Data:

It provides a safe efficient way to integrate all types of the data base.

28. MarkLogic Data Base:

It brings all features into unified systems.

29. VMWARE Database:

It is a robust, high-performance virtualization layer.

30. Syncsort Big Data:

It helps for the challenging of collecting, processing and integrating the data.

31. SGI Data Base:

For cluster installation.

32. Mongo Bigdata:

It empowers business to be more scalable and agile.

33. Guavus Bigdata:

It is capable of creating actionable information from widely distributed, high volume data in real time.

34. Alteryx BD:

Integrating and cleaning of sources are done here.

35. 1010data Advanced Analytics:

It has advanced, built-in analytic functions.

36. ACTION Bigdata:

It delivers the next generation analytics in three editions.

37. MAPR:

For reliably store and process big data.

38. Tableau Software Bigdata:

Connects the data anytime anywhere.

39. Qlikview Bd:

It gives two ways to approach both the deliver and same time great user experience.

40. Antivirus Bigdata:

It combines big data and big content.

41. Datastax Bigdata:

It gives what internet enterprises need to experience today

42. Good Data:

To collect, store and analyze

43. Google DB:

Analyze data for entire web

44. Datameer:

department specific deployments

45. Csc Bigdata:

To get the data much quickly

46. Flytxt Bigdata:

For fast and big data.

47. Amdocs Insight Bigdata Analytics:

For new revenues, user experience

48. Cisco Bigdata:

Integrated infrastructures, big data ECP system.

49. Platform:

For existing data ecosystems, hardware and bi tools.

50. GE Bigdata:

optimize entire operational environments.

Bigdata for video analysis is done for the storage of the videos or the collection of the previous or past videos.

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