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Bill Williams: President & Founder Of A CUT ABOVE VIDEO – Exclusive Interview Exclusive interview with Bill Williams – President and Founder of A CUT ABOVE VIDEO.

Tell us something about your Company A CUT ABOVE VIDEO?

A Cut Above Video was formed in 1988 focused on the needs of advertisers. Since that time it has evolved into a broad-based production company in a 2,000 square foot facility that includes a production studio.

What are A CUT ABOVE VIDEO production services?

Production services include full production from scripting, field or studio production and post-production. In-house we have a green-screen insert studio, various camera options, full lighting grid, Teleprompter and two post-production editing systems. With our two people full-time staff, we provide script writing, producing, directing, shooting and editing services. We also make use of the many freelance talented folks available in Central Florida.

Video production has moved toward shorter, more narrowly targeted programs largely delivered on the internet, including embedding video into webinars. Insertion into live presentations, such as PowerPoint, is also now common. Long format broadly targeted productions are largely a thing of the past.

Tell us something about your A CUT ABOVE VIDEO process with respect to Video Production?

A Cut Above’s typical production process is to focus on the client’s needs as defined for us. Specifically, that means knowing the client’s goals, target audience and specific desired result from the video we help produce.

After understanding that, we will typically define a script or other specific production need, shoot or otherwise acquire the needed video elements and edit the project. Following an approval process, the final video delivered.

What is A CUT ABOVE VIDEO Production Success Model?

Over the 28+ years A Cut Above has been in business, we have focused on understanding the customer’s needs, not just his wants, and delivered on those needs.

We don’t always make money on our first job with a new customer, but we work hard to get the project right the first time and always to deliver everything we promise on time. We keep our customers for the long-term.

For marketing A Cut Above Video has gone almost entirely online. First our website,, has a significant selection of video samples. Second, we have a YouTube channel with additional video productions and examples.

Third, we occasionally provide, via a private link, additional targeted samples of our work for special proposals. Finally, most of our video transfers, for stock footage, client provided material, review material and final delivery have all transitioned to nearly 100% online.

The trend online is toward higher quality to the point where we can foresee a time where 4K material will be delivered online in our future.

What are the Latest A CUT ABOVE VIDEO Services that can help brands?

Our latest acquisition is a 4K camera, though we have had that as a rental resource for several years. With that 4K camera addition, we can add significant flexibility to our editing options, without any significant production costs relative to traditional production.

In the past adding that flexibility added production time to get more close-ups or wide shots and added cost. An on-going effort has been the addition of faster and more capable editing systems, which saves production time and improves quality, while at the same time reduces cost for our customers.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your A CUT ABOVE VIDEO Services?

Video on the web and other sources is one of the most common and popular methods of communicating today. A Cut Above is not new to this business and has the knowledge and resources to produce video that communicates your message economically

Thank You Bill Williams for sharing your valuable inputs for readers.

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