BoxCaster: HD Live Video Streaming Encoder [Review]

BoxCaster can stream your events live to anyone anywhere on any device with just power, an internet connection, and a camera. It’s the easiest way to stream professional quality video. BoxCast delivers the best video at the best price. You can make it easy if you wish to turn your event into a money-maker.

Key Feature of BoxCaster

BoxCast is the simplest live streaming solution available. For live streaming you need an internet connection, the power, Camera to shoot video and the BoxCaster encoding software will automatically archive all your events.


All you need is a video camera, internet, and power. It’s easy to use at all venues and, even better, no swat team is necessary.


You can schedule your broadcast ahead of time meaning one less thing to keep track of on the day of your event with the help of BoxCast. Your viewers will get a perfectly-sized picture on any device – smartphone, tablet or computer. Your viewers won’t be distracted from your streamed content with no buffering or annoying ads.


It is very accessible, viz., with a low price and can stream unlimited events to unlimited viewers and store content indefinitely without worrying about excess money. The box is just $499.

Benefits of BoxCaster

• Maximize your network efficiency

Broadcast unlimited HD video with an upload speed as low as 3 Mbps

• Adapt to every viewer

• Stream to any network speed, so your viewers don’t have to deal with buffering.

• Trim your archives

• Adjust the start and stop times of your archived video to highlight what you want

• Embed your content

• Drive traffic directly to your website with our non-branded video player

• Generate revenue

• Set a ticket price for your events — BoxCast will handle all the payments and mail you a check

BoxCaster Highlights

• Portable Encoder with HDMI Input

• Works Exclusively with BoxCast Platform

• 1080p60 Input Streams in up to 1080p27

• Broadcast to Multiple Destinations

Box Caster For Next Generation

BoxCast is the new version of its BoxCaster broadcast box, which it “allows anyone with a camera to stream live HD-quality video to anyone, anywhere.”

The company’s president, Gordon Daily, introduces the new BoxCaster as “a game-changer when it comes to simplicity and function” that taps into the “exploding” popularity of video streaming.

The BoxCaster’s “sleek new shape and bullet-proof shell reflect our excitement about what’s inside.

BoxCast and ESPN Cleveland earlier this summer announced a partnership that will deliver live, high-definition video broadcasts of high school football games to smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The company also has about 70 colleges and universities as clients. Additional product enhancements include a higher-quality video picture, wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi and professional-quality audio.


BoxCaster is very simple and affordable. The above mentioned are all critical factors for the BoxCaster with higher-Quality video picture, and it also has professional-quality audio. It is very much useful to you to stream live videos anywhere at anytime.

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