Video Streaming Website

Building own Video Streaming Website using DigitalOcean

Building your own Video Streaming Websites like YouTube we need following necessary cloud hosting and other tools. The complete guide of Video Streaming Website using DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean Cloud Server

LAMP Installation

WordPress Configuration

Configuring Private RTMP server using Nginx

Why use DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean be one of the free hosting servers, while doing continuous work on wordpress by launching more burdens on the currently working page then the speed of the site will be diminished. But this digitalocean will allocate more space to do with high bit rate of speed.

Due to the availability of the droplet capability drupal, nodejs and wordpress can be operated that means mini-hosting will be generated.

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DigitalOcean Cloud Server:

DigitalOcean is one of the best cloud hosting infrastructure provider with loads of tutorials for customers with simple user interface and easy to launch cloud droplets within minutes. All DigitalOcean cloud services are easily configurable in minutes.

Advantages of DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting:

DigitalOcean is SSD-only cloud.

Simple Control Panel with lot of tutorials to implement.– DigitalOcean’s command center makes configuring cloud servers and development frameworks simple and intuitive.

Professional Cloud hosting starting at low cost per month.

Active Developer Community – We can find almost any question and answer related DigitalOcean server issues.

Linux distributions/one-click installations.


The code which is offered to access without any restrictions for the development of the web is defined as the LAMP.

The four letters of the LAMP has associated to four unique specifications of programming.

That is the operating system like Linux, the network server like Apache, the relational model of database management system like MYSQL and the programming oriented language like PHP.

As it is a stage of these four multi-steps, it can be termed as a stack of the LAMP.

The combination of WAMP is employed in Microsoft and Windows has replaces as an alternative of Linux.

Installation of LAMP in your DigitalOcean Droplet:

Sign in to digitalocean droplet then create dropdown box will be appeared.

Then click on it and we need Linux, apache, MYSQL and PHP.

This can be done by hitting on applications in select image.

Choose LAMP on Ubuntu if you are doing on Ubuntuand then move to droplets to settings.

Then pen the command prompt to add features for apache, mysql and php.

Give apt-get install tasksel and this leads to LAMP server option

After clicking on that, it will ask mysql new password.

Then go to command prompt and write php phpinfo();

Now go to droplets to find IP address and open it on newtab by adding info.php

This will navigate us to php configuration file and then it displays it works.

Word press configuration

The only data base that has linked up with Word press is word press.php. That means the entire page of the word press runs on the base of the .php.

The featured options will be updated in the word press by using .php.

The own blog of the WordPress can be created with the help of wordpress.php

How to make a video streaming website using WordPress?

First of all we need to login to our WordPress blog.

Then click on plug in section like Extend which appears on the top of the centre page.

After that hit on plug ins and search for viper video quicks tags.

There you can find different categories of description, installation, Faq, screenshots and stats etc.

Just go to Faq then click on “where can I get additional support for this plug in”

Now go back to Word press dashboard then move to plug ins.

Video of viper will be visible then go view the video label.

Next go to activate plug in after that move to settings where you can find video tags.

Click on add a new post to add new video which one you want by copying the embed code of the video.


Real-Time Messaging Protocol has been build to stream the all formats of audio and video from the server to drive which can be used to access those audio and video.

To transfer the data through RTMP that it divides that data into slots which are very easy to transmit without the conjunction of traffic.


It is used to perform the TCP and UDP functions, i.e., the exchange of data from different networks.

Acts as HTTP proxy server which can recapture the data from varied web servers that means it works as a mediator of client and server.

How to set up your own private RTMP server using Nginx?

First we need to have server configuration.

Mostly use setup guide to make configuration.

Set up Nginx by using module of RTMP for example configurations.

Then go to web option on that page there you can find directives.

After that make all amenities to give commands required by Nginx for Ngnix configuration.

Ideas to Host Streaming Video on Your Website:

Nowadays video plays a vital role in the development of business. Every minute of social media runs on the strategy of a video.

The advanced technology of virtual reality videos will be occupying the first place in coming up days.

Required Equipment:

To telecast in live the Hardware is required along with it the software installation is needed.

To make the video to live streaming embed code in the page of a website.


It’s better to utilize the most demandable social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for Live Streaming.

To conduct this live video streaming just prefer paid services like Dacast, Younow, and Ustream for automatic live streaming without suffering for embedded code.

To draw those just need to use FFMPEG and Nginx.

We can go for choosing Flussonic which will be charged by that company directly.

Wowza is one of the most usable software for live streaming which can be accessed by every with the known knowledge of JAVA.

Contacting Letzgro company for unknown technologies in Video streaming.

HTTP Live Streaming with Knive, Docker, and DigitalOcean:


The streaming of Knive server will be designed to run on Mac and Ios systems by supporting the live streaming through HTTP.

The library FFMPEG, Knives and CDN which is the distribution of webpage to specific location will be operated in same system this created problem to the user.


The some more advanced server Docker came to solve that problem which is being suffered by the clients.

It has more space to operate everything at one place and by the use of Docker the applications of Apache, Nodejs and Varnish are run safely.

Git repository will make duplication of images that are being configured in Docker.


The ultimate server for live streaming in latest trend is Digitalocean.

We scale it in two categories like migrate and fast resizing.

In this the resizing faster will maximize the speed of the RAM and CPU which is necessary for the better quality of the live video streaming.

Overall DigitalOcean is a best server for building own Video Streaming Website.

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