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China Online Video Industry Statistics

China Online Video Industry Statistics

China has the good expansion of video market with the largest number of online video viewers. More than 75 percent people in China were connected to the internet and around 449 million people are connected with the video content online. The numbers are expected to rise this year 2016. The revenue estimated got the online Chinese video industry was increased from year to year. It is noticed that more than 8.96 billion revenue was reported during the year 2012 which is 42.9 percent growth annually comparing to its previous year reports.

According to 2013 census reports, it was revealed that 12.1 billion revenue reported with 36.5 percent annual growth in video industry across China. China is the largest populated country in the world. The country is growing with perfect planning in various sectors and it had already become a manufacturing hub to several other countries. Now it was racing in online video industry with striking statistics of its growth.

According to 2014 reports, the data revealed that nearly16.5 billion revenue was generated with 34 percent annual growth in China. In 2015, it is 20.2 billion and in 2016, it had reached 25.91 billion with 23 percent annual growth rate in online video industry of China. According to the recent survey reports, more than 76.2 percent people in China were chosen online videos over television and 23 percent had chosen television over online videos. Nearly 72 percent people have good ability in searching the video content online. More than 67 percent people in China have the facility to access everything they need online. 60 percent people are feeling convenient to watch videos on mobile and other devices.

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