Top 10 Christmas Channels in YouTube

Top 10 Christmas Channels in YouTube

Christmas is around the corner and its a holiday season, so let’s revisit the top YouTube Christmas channels of all time.

Christmas Channels in YouTube

1.Christmas Channel

This channel was made in 2013 where one can get all kinds of Christmas music. They are the biggest channel of this type with 91,646 subscribers and 45,637,193 views.

Most popular video from this channel is “Best Christmas Songs – 2016 Playlist” with 10,291,367 views.

Best Christmas Songs

2.The Christmas card

This channel has become popular for its good christmas music, songs, and carols. Their videos are related to Christmas for kids, instrumental music and songs lyrics.

It has 4,412 subscribers and 6,288,663 views.

Most popular video from this channel is Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song with 4,084,424 views.

3.Christmas Songs

They feature the best Christmas songs ever with 7,972 subscribers and 6,044,395 views.

The most popular video from this channel which is an ultimate Christmas collection is by

Bobby Helms-Jingle Bells Rock-Lyrics (Paroles) with 1,678,697 views.

4.Christmas Essentials

This channel which uploaded almost 862 videos has original recordings with improved sound quality to rediscover childhood memories.

It has got 5,066 subscribers with 3,321,343 views

The most popular video from this channel is by Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run with 1,400,998 views.

5.Christmas music/Ads !

It has 101 uploads with different Christmas songs,videos and 26 Christmas commercials .

913 subscribers • 2,538,304 views

Most popular video from this channel is Folgers Christmas Commercial : ” Brother & Sister ” (2009) with 1,277,186 views.

This commercial features a brother coming home for christmas and meeting his sister who was very happy to see each other. They are seen bonding over a cup of coffee by “Folgers”

6.Christmas Yotuve

This channel has 7 Christmas songs including 3 Spanish video songs.

It has 2,684 subscribers with 2,351,677 views.

Most popular video from this channel is Ya Vienna Los Reyes Magos – Villancico Navidad which is a collection of Christmas songs with 2,193,241 views.

7.Christmas Ukulele Mike

It has 34 video uploads and is famous for the album “HOLY NIGHT” – Christmas audio CD by Mike Lynch – Vocals: Colleen Lynch. It is good to a children’s nighttime lullaby CD and great for all ages.

This channel has 8,199 subscribers and 1,046,476 views

8.Christmas music TV

It’s an Italian Christmas music channel with around 211 video uploads.

This channel has 2,153 subscribers and 1,571,383 views

Most popular video from this channel is

“IL NATALE DEI BAMBINI – 1 ORA CANZONI DI NATALE PER BAMBINI” which is a 1-hour Christmas songs for children.It has got 918,045 views

9.Cobalt Christmas

It’s a channel with 62 videos with all Christmas tunes, carols and hymns not only from Greece but all over the world.

It has 694 subscribers and 116,353 views

Popular video from this channel is

“Konstantinos Argyros – Small Christ – Official Audio Release” with 14,948 views.

10.Christmas Carols

Christmas Carols is a channel by The Tiney Tots focused on Quality Christmas Carols for tiny kids and for their parents to educate them.

It has got 189 subscribers with 76,932 views.

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