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Colin Jarvis Phegley: Owner & Director Of Vested Videos – Exclusive Interview

Colin Jarvis Phegle

An Exclusive Interview of  with Colin Jarvis Phegley: Owner & Director Of Vested Videos.

Tell us something about your Company VESTED VIDEOS?

Vested Videos is a local Bay Area Film and Video production company that offers professional and unique videos optimized to stand out in such a competitive market.

What are VESTED VIDEOS Film and video production services?

Currently Vested Videos offers full video production (i.e. Corporate advertisements, music videos, anything the client needs) from concept to completion; video and audio editing; and hirable film crew. With the finalization of the website we are adding many more services such as a 360 video production, and music production.

What are the latest Trends in Video Production ?

It seems a huge interest has been given to virtual reality and all of its potential. A year and a half ago virtual reality had just started to be experimented with and now Google, HTC, Samsung, major companies are releasing amazing platforms and VR content is exploding. Dozens of VR cameras have hit the open market since then.

Tell us something about your VESTED VIDEOS process with respect to Video Industry?

Vested Videos is committed to keeping its work straightforward and efficient. That is: a client needs a video, we meet via phone or physically at a convenient time, the client says exactly what they need and when they need it, progress is tracked by the client with the ability to change any piece of the project at any time, and then the product is delivered.

What is VESTED VIDEOS Success Model?

Success is creating an effective piece of art which helps you get attention. This is accomplished through open communication, innovation, and efficiency.

Say something about the uniqueness of your VESTED VIDEOS?

I think Vested Videos has a unique personal touch and an amazing conglomerate of web developers, filmmakers, and musicians that drive innovation and creativity.

Tell us something about your upcoming Online Video Production Trends?

Again, virtual reality is an emerging video medium, in response Vested Videos is launching Vested Videos VR (which will be incorporated into the Vested Videos website) which will bring VR video production to the list of services.

What are the Latest VESTED VIDEOS Services that can help brands?

Vested Videos audio production in and of itself is a really great thing for of course, all of our clients but also those who have a video done by another production company but suffers from poor audio. Audio is huge in delivering your message, just as important as video. A great looking video with poor audio will massively bring down the production. So we deliver great audio and fix audio a client may already have.

How can Upcoming Brands benefit by using your VESTED VIDEOS Services?

Our versatility, creativity, and affordability separates us from other production companies, and brands that choose to work with us will find a usually time-consuming arduous process simplified to achieve great effective videos.

Thank You Colin Jarvis Phegley for sharing your valuable inputs with Readers.

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