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Corporate Video 101: How to Create Engaging Brand Video Marketing Campaigns

If you are running a corporate company, you will definitely come across with a lot of doubts regarding your marketing practices online.

Yes, you might have started a video marketing campaigns and video ads to promote and market your brand across the web on different platforms and other places to reach your audience.

Well, you need a definitive strategy to move on in the present marketing ecosystem. There are several types of videos you can utilize for your brand promotion and marketing.

When it comes to carrying a campaign, it is not too easy and not too difficult to get successful. All you need is to have a good knowledge of how to create a perfect video marketing campaign for your brand.

Yes, follow our step by step guide to creating the best video marketing campaign for your brand marketing and promotion. Here we go!!

Start with research

Do research to know your audience.

You must know your audience and their interests in your relevant filed to start your own video campaign for your brand promotion and marketing.

Once you get to know your audience, the next thing you have to go with is to know the platform and other places where your audience is spending their valuable time across the web.

By knowing these things you can start your first plan chart for your video campaign.

Study top Branded campaigns and their success

Learn the things about the successful brands and note down the key strategies they are applied in their campaign to reach the targeted audience across the web.

Make a detailed flowchart about your strategic plan by learning these things. Segregate the things basing on your strategic plan that can fit with your brand.

Steps to create efficient corporate video marketing campaign strategy


Make your own review about the overall marketing strategy whether they are completely fit into your main objectives or not. Your campaign must need a good objective. Then only you can deliver your message to your targeted audience across the web.

Define your primary and main objective and start with the initial point to make cover your strategy at the center of the campaign.

Start with Right Message

Start your campaigns with video messages to the targeted audience across the web. Video has great power to enhance your marketing, so, try campaign messaging. Try to deliver the best way to get good leads with effective Call to actions.

Promote it once you are ready to launch

If you are ready to begin your video campaign for your brand, you must need to get ready before you start means you have to be ready for promoting the things prior to your campaign.

Yes, promote your upcoming campaign by taking social media as your main medium for your advertising and promotions.

Choose Smartly

Make a smart choice while choosing the social media platform for your campaign. Social media campaigns can boost your online presence. The majority of your audience might spend their valuable time on social media platforms.

So, make a wise move and know where your audience is spending most of their time online. So you can finalize your choice and prepare a perfect strategy for pre-promotion.

Every social platform has its own unique features for the brands and marketers. You can also choose the paid advertising with differentiated video ads for your promotion.

Launch your campaign once your video is ready

The video you are using in the campaign must match exactly to your main objective of the campaign. It is very important that your campaign must deliver the valuable information to your potential customers about your brand.

Email Video Campaigns

Though email marketing is the traditional practices in the present digital marketing era, still with the including of video content in the mail it becomes more valuable as the click through rates will be higher if you include the video in mails.

Tips for your Brand video marketing campaigns

Go with engaging story

Yes, make it interesting and get perfectly matched with the visuals in your video with your efficient storytelling. A simple product video without letting the audience deviate from the main agenda can help you to get successful with good leads.

Make it short and simple

Don’t create lengthy video content for your campaign as it may ruin the interest of the audience towards your video.

Offer some incentives

Don’t forget to offer the initial discounts or offers etc to catch the viewers’ attention towards your video content. The video must be interactive with the audience to reach the targeted demographics or community or entire audience across the web.

Make an attractive description and title

Thumbnail, title and description are the most important things in video campaigning and marketing. Yes, these factors are the first elements that every viewer can catch before entering into the video content. So make it informative, effective and attractive to catch the user’s eye.

Target multiple locations

Target the audience in multiple locations and optimize your video campaign to grab the viewers’ attention across the web. so, launch the campaign on website, blog and on your social media platforms to boost the traffic towards your video campaign.

10 Types of Corporate Videos that can Catch the Eye

Creating videos is not just a hobby. Brands and businesses are using this as a part of their digital marketing strategy. It is a serious business for the corporate world. We can see the home pages of the corporate companies having a video to explain about themselves to the visitors. There are different kinds of corporate videos that these companies should make use of.

1. One of the best types of videos for corporate companies online is to have a company profile video. This introduces the company to the consumers. What can you have in this video? Messages from CEO or other top officials.

2. Social media videos which are short and connect emotionally with the visitors increase shares.

3. Email videos are another type of corporate videos. Videos in the email will increase click through rates.

4. Testimonial videos are the type of videos that give a feedback about your products and services to the prospective customers. These compelling videos help in sales pitches and also in email marketing.

5. FAQ is the most popular section in most of the websites. Instead of the text why not a video in which the visitor required information will be displayed.

6. Product demonstration videos are effective to increase conversions.

7. Internal communication videos that regularly convey the information on various things is dispatched to the employees.

8. Recruitment videos are great to entice applications. Show the office and give an insight of the company culture to the job applicants.

9. Training videos for teaching the internal procedure and programs to new members.

10. Event documentation types of videos are advantageous for the company as these are the achievement evidence.

Here are the types of corporate videos that can be created apart from much more. Other creative ways can be used to catch the eyes of the people. Come up with a theme song for your business and this is not a bad idea.

10 Awesome Ideas for Creating Corporate Videos

Corporate videos used to be boring but now there are many options available for creating corporate videos that entertain and grab the attention of the audience. Here are some of the ideas for creating successful corporate videos.

1. Funny videos can be made with employees narrating some funny incident in the office or a customer story. Videos with humor are sure to go viral. Encourage employees to submit humorous things that happened.

2. Create some day in the live video with the employees. Narrate the entire day of an employee in the company.

3. Details of employees who won the awards can be shown to the audience. Interview the audience or ask the other employees about the award-winning employee.

4. Ask your employees to tell the story of the company in their own words.

5. Create videos showing how a product is made in the factory. However, there is no need to reveal any secrets that the competitors should not know.

6. Encourage customers to create a video by giving a demo of how the product should be used.

7. Describe the company’s greatest success and biggest failure in a video.

8. Reposition the brand name with brand video. Illustrate the story or background of the company.

9. Have higher ups in the company on the camera such as a CEO. Create a video interviewing them as this boosts the morale and motivation of employees.

10. For the internal purpose, a corporate training video can be created.

Live event videos can help people know the personality of the corporation. This also helps to boost the morale of the employees. Product launch videos are also very popular. With the right marketing, the product launch videos can look exciting. Corporate videos must not be dull and boring.

10 Most Important Tips For An Awesome Corporate Video

Corporate video plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the partners as well as the clients who can bring a new change in the top brands to small businesses with the good approach in the creation of the corporate video. Today, companies are searching for new ways to create compelling corporate videos that can engage and build secure communication between consumers and brands. Here are some essential top 10 tips to follow while creating corporate video.

1. Purpose

Video purpose plays a crucial role as you have to decide whether you are creating a corporate video for general introduction or promotion of your new service or product or any other purpose. So, the first thing you have to know about your video creation is your purpose behind creating a corporate video so that you can target the same in your video.

2. Audience

Know your targeted audience after knowing your purpose. For example, you are producing a training video for employees your approach will change in the video. So make yourself clear about whom you are targeting as main.

3. Improve the way of conveying

Make a simple message to summarize your video. The message must be straight and easy to understand. So, it can be more effective.

4. Prepare your team

Writing, editing shooting of video and the content etc are some main essentials for video production. So, don’t comprise on while choosing the right professionals for video production as it impacts on quality and overall look.

5. Be creative

Try to be creative while designing your video. Go unique in delivering your brand or purpose message to the audience.

6. Highlight main things

Tell viewers what made you different from other companies or brands. This will help you to get good attention from the audience.

7. Make it short and effective

Don’t make lengthy videos as it will not work all the time. 95 percent people like to watch short video content. So make it clear and compelling.

8. Include good call to actions

Call to actions reaps great benefits as it must be very effective and drive the audience towards the video content.

9. Be confident and stay cool

Don’t panic for small mistakes as it might impact on the video creation. Stay cool and be confident on what you are doing for the production of your corporate video.

10. Add Humor

Add fun elements relevant to your video and that humor must be in a descent way without any abusive elements.

All these above tips help you to create best corporate videos.


Finally, you can get successful by implementing the things in a right way. Follow this guide and achieve the things with preplanning for your campaign.

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