Cross-Platform Measurement

What is Cross-Platform Measurement?

The media landscape is fragmented, and the audience consumes digital media on multiple platforms and devices. The advertisers are also running campaigns across different platforms and devices. Measuring accurately across various platforms has become more critical to know the audience’s consumption habits to change digital marketing plans accordingly. Here is the complete guide to Cross-platform Measurement.

Cross-platform measurement matters because it is essential to know about true reach. Digital usage by people is increasing, and there are increased opportunities for exposure to the messages.

Billions of dollars are put into digital marketing, and it is not surprising that marketers and advertisers want transparency on how the audience can be measured across different platforms. Having established cross-platform measurement systems solves this issue.

Why is Cross-platform Measurement necessary?

Marketers and advertisers must understand their audience to develop campaigns and content for multiple platforms. They must know who the audiences are, what they like, and how they interact with the content.

Major players in the cross-platform measurement industry are the Nielsen and ComScore. These offer solutions for cross-platform audience measurement systems.

The habits of consumers keep shifting, and with that, the money also tends to move. Advertisers are looking for cross-platform measurement systems that will provide accurate and reflective details of what is happening across different platforms.

ComScore Cross-Platforms Measurement Solutions

There is still no standard system for cross-platform measurement. Measuring an audience is easy if each platform has its established method. However, the content is being published on several platforms.

  1. The number will increase further, and measuring the audience on these platforms is becoming complicated.
  2. ComScore offers solutions that help its clients reach the right audience and significantly impact advertising.
  3. Advertisers and marketers can know their audience measurement using ComScore on multiple platforms and understand the consumption habits of the digital audience.
  4. There is also a feature for capturing the mobile audience behavior on different mobile devices, browsers, ers, and apps.
  5. Video Metrix is another feature of ComScore that provides transparent video measurement to ensure growth and success in the digital video marketplace.
  6. Cross-platform measurement is essential for advertisers, agencies, and content owners to know how people engage with content across platforms.
  7. ComScore offers solutions to deliver digital and TV consumption measurements.
  8. The four pillars of the cross-platform measurement approach of ComScore are granularity for precise measurement, understanding the unduplicated reach, buying and selling the TV to audiences, and moving towards an addressable future.
  9. The measurement is across mobile networks connected to set up posed, home theatre, game consoles, and wearables.
  10. Neilson Cross-platform measurement solutions

Nielsen offers solutions for audience measurement and provides data about how the consumers connect with the content and advertising. These insights can help to create content that people will love and make the content a hit.

The cross-platform measurements are done to check how consumers are engaged with content across TV and the Internet. Neilson measures the audience and is used to measure Online audience, advertising effectiveness, data fusion, TV audience measurement, mobile audience measurement, and audio measure.

Nielsen provides measurement solutions, rich data, and deep insights that help their customers understand consumer engagement across mobile, internet, and television platforms.


Cross-platforms Success Tips

Cross-platform marketing involves delivering a message across multiple platforms. Different platforms are used for other purposes.

  • Some increase brand awareness, some work as funnel touchpoints, etc.
  • To succeed in cross-platform marketing, the marketer must set their goals clearly. Understand the role of each particular channel and platform.
  • Marketers must understand how valuable the campaigns are.
  • They also must test which channel or platform achieves optimum return on investment. They must choose a cross-platform measurement solution that delivers measurements that will not hamper the campaign’s success.
  • New advertising options are popping up every day. Advertisers are overwhelmed by choices such as advertising on TV, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. Cross-platform Measurement is vital as valuable time and resources are used to develop content and plan the media strategy.
  • The marketers and the advertisers are constantly in doubt whether they are reaching the right audience.
  • A few days ago, ComScore partnered with Sling TV to provide cross-platform campaign advertising measurement.
  • ComScore is the first to offer measurable addressable television impressions across platforms, including OTT.
  • Sling advertisers can now view campaigns across mobile, desktop, linear, and connected TV impressions.
  • To reach consumers with the right message at the right time, marketers must opt for cross-platform campaigns across different channels, which requires heavy investments.
  • Success is not equal to every brand and marketer. Cross-platform measurement systems help marketers assess performance using actionable insights and guide future investments.
  • Accurate data is vital for this. Census-type data is not needed for measurement on all platforms.
  • TV measurement is based on the details of how people consume content at home. Digital census tags provide viewing on digital devices from all places.


Cross-platform campaigns are very beneficial, and these can be successful if the marketers can understand how different audience segments consume content on various platforms and optimize the marketing messages for each platform. Cross-platform measurement is essential for demonstrating ad or sales success across other platforms. Choose an established measurement firm to get accurate insights.

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