Cyber Monday Digital Brand Campaigns

Cyber Monday Digital Brand Campaigns and Ads

It’s Cyber Monday time!

The word “Cyber Monday” was initiated by Ellen Davis .

It is a term given for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

The main reason to announce this is to make the people to do online shopping after coming Monday of Black Friday.

Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, is typically the busiest day of the year for online shopping.

Biggest sales event of the year happens during this time. It’s the most happening holiday shopping season with great discounts and offers.

Listed below few of the amazing campaignes for Cyber Monday which are Successful earlier:


Meet the Robots Filling Your Cyber Monday Amazon Orders

  • In 50 Amazon’s US warehouse they had introduced “Kiwi” team of robots into 10 warehouses.
  • They acquired about 775 million dollars on those in the year 2012 and these robots are of size 320 pounds and they can carry up to 750 pounds.
  • Robots perform huge hard work that the human beings can’t do.

Role of Robots:

  1. The better they used to operate on aisles instead of walking through which they can move fast.
  2. The incoming orders will be displayed on the computer and the orders will be placed on them.
  3. The stickers will be placed on the floor and at the robot to guide the way to them.
  4. They pickup shelves and bring it back to the person who prepare goods for shipping.
  5. Before it used to take hours to unload the items but now it takes like 30 minutes to do that.
  6. The stock can be placed very near as they don’t need much space.

Specialty of Robots:

  • They can run couple before they need recharge and they charge on their own.
  • Robots can work for 24 hours a day and when they order appears through E-mail they will start working.
  • This is most interesting ad of Amazon to perform on cyber Monday to dispatch the order for the customer and the no. of views for this ad is 70,412+.

Air Jordan 3 Retro:

  1. This was produced by the international brand NIKE and the retro refers to the sneakers which are reintroduced with tiny changes?
  2. It’s promoted by Mr. Foamer Simpson 192,357+ subscribers and 38,662+ views.
  3. In this ad, he had described the air Jordan 3 cyber Monday special shoes of 119 bugs.
  4. They had suggested that these are best that never seen before in any movies are anywhere for weeks.
  5. He advised the customers to get a pair to have a new look in the shoe rack which gives amazing change.
  6. The weights of these shoes are more than grass and these are very husky.
  7. The users can feel more comfort and enjoy the feel of every step while using these black pair
  8. He explains the users to buy it and then find the reality of his words.

Air Jordan 3 Retro:

The most badass CYBER MONDAY ad ever made.

Design cost of Shirt

  1. The title started as “the best store in the universe cyber Monday” sale and suggest to save up 15% on the shirt but not buying it and 2$ to make, 3$ of profit over all 5$ to pay the bill for the normal shirt.
  2. They spent 15$ on printing the logo on that shirt and reduced it to 12.99$
  3. This was attacked on mothers with this offer and they define that when there is no credit then no problem.

Comparison with Opponent:

  • It reduces the child abusing, talking, decent exposure, domestic violence because the best store in the universe has no moral compass.
  • It gives an idea to get money from anyone and to buy.
  • They match their price with other competitors which no one could be the Competition for them.
  • Before we buy the product moves urgently with no time to get and the role of the customer is to buy the product immediately.
  • They had published with funny animated images which hadn’t seen before it was the best ad forever on cyber Monday with 210,107+ views.

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